Sunday, February 20, 2005

Who's the Boss? (or Oscar's nightime adventures)

Mothers out there will know what I mean by this post. You know when your baby gets something. And you're really excited. On Friday night Oscar woke up in the night, as he is wont to do, but I didn't feed him. He woke up twice but I managed to get him to sleep again without using a bottle. Which I'm really proud of. He's only recently given up breastfeeding and I used to feed him at least once, usually twice, in the night. However now I know how much he's eating with the bottles, I know he doesn't NEED to feed at night and I'm trying to wean him off it.

So I though - Friday night - YES! He got it! Hoorah! So stupid stupid me....last night I didn't even have a bottle ready in the night time warmer....thought he didn't need it...

He woke up at 5am. Which isn't too bad. I rocked him, and shushed him and cuddled him.

He screamed the place down.

I continued to rock and cuddle and even hummed a little (I try not to make any noise at night so he doesn't get stimulated). I was adamant. He's got to learn. He shouldn't feed.

Nope. Scream scream scream.

So there's a bottle in his room and some formula. I combine them and think if he's that starving he'll eat it right up, even though it's cold.


It's 6am by this time so I'm stumbling downstairs and nuking his bottle....stumbling back upstairs to where HRH is screaming as if he hasn't been fed for 6 months....

He eats. He laughs his ass off. He really did. He lay in my arms and pissed himself laughing.(literally).

Yeah mum. Who's in charge now eh?

At 7am I admit defeat and wake his dad up who manages to get him back to sleep instantly.


Thank god it's Sunday though cos DH and I have a sweet deal - Saturday morning he gets the lie in and I make sure Oz doesn't wake him. Sunday morning I get to sleep in....well until 10am usually. Which for me is a BIG deal.

I do dimly remember days when I'd sleep until noon on weekends.....where is the life which once I lived?

ps- the only good thing about being awake for such a bloody long time in the night was that I wrote this post in my head about 6 times.

Course then I forgot it. So don't expect this to be a masterpiece...

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jess said...

I have a great mental image of Oscar laughing at his mum. I've gotta meet that kid someday. He's paying you back now for those photos...