Saturday, February 19, 2005

The story of Oscar so far

So I can't believe I posted all that and haven't really told you about my boy, my pride and joy.

His name is Oscar Philip. But I'll start at the beginning. I got pregnant by accident....I was on the pill and everything - but I was also on a diet working towards getting pregnant in about a year or so. My body thought different. I lost 5 stone (about 70lbs for you yanks) and obviously kickstarted my fertility!

I really wanted a girl so when we found out on ultrasound that he was a he it took some getting used to! I'm really glad I found out - I'm so bloody impatient I couldn't have waited that long!

Names - he was Pip in the womb so Philip was a front runner. And Oscar...well it started as a joke - the only way I'd ever get one was to give birth to my very own Oscar....and when he was born we ran through all the names and nothing fit. Until we said Oscar and there he was...

I had a rough time with the birth - had Gestational Diabetes so was induced. Ended up with an emergency c-section and Oz spent the first 4 days of his life in special care - he had a pneumothorax - a tiny hole in his lung - which made breathing very hard for him. He was born on the Tuesday and I didn't really get a chance to hold him till the Friday....very hard. He was 9lbs 14oz....and looked so funny in the special care unit surrounded by teeny preemie babies! All the nurses knew which baby he was! He was practically squished against the sides of the incubator!

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