Sunday, October 29, 2006

Names names names

In our tidying frenzy this past week I found my bumper book of baby names....and have made another list....opinions please! And do feel free to be totally honest if you hate some - I want real opinions....

Archer, Arden, Arthur, Avery, Benedict, Brady, Braedon, Byron, Caleb, Cameron, Casper, Charlie, Corbin, Daniel, Dominic, Emmett, Ethan, Frederick, Flynn, Gilbert, Gregory, Haley, Harry, Heath, Inigo, Jared, Jay, Joel, Joseph, Jude, Kieran, Kit, Kyle, Laurie, Lyndon, Lysander, Macaulay, Malachi, Nicholas, Rafferty, Ryder, Stanley, Sylvan, Tate, Timothy, Tobias, Tor, Tristan, Tyler, Valentine, Woodrow, Zeke, Ziggy

Saturday, October 28, 2006

More movies

These are loud! Oscar at Mum's this morning playing on his drumkit. They're only 20 odd seconds long - that's all my phone does at once - am trying to work out how we can afford to get a new digital movie camera.....Santa if you're reading this.....

Anyway - enjoy!


Well that didn't last long...well it did - all week for me but only told you about it yesterday! Last night - since we had time and no Oscar - we got it fixed. We now have a huge long extension lead running to the computer so we have to think of a better solution - but at least I can get online again!

Friday, October 27, 2006


In case you were wondering why I've gone all quiet it's cos our modem has packed up - I'm currently at my Mum's on her computer....

Rob has had the week off and we've been converting the spare (dumping) room into Oscar's new bedroom. We got his new bedroom stuff on Monday on a family outing to Ikea - great fun - Mum came too and we got all sorts of lovely things for his room including this bed:

He LOVES it. Loves the ladder - loves what he calls the "tent" on top. Rob and I spent the week sorting stuff as we'd been using the spare room as a place to keep all of Oscar's old clothes in bags - now sorted into age range for 2Bee. Rob reorganised the loft. We took a lot of stuff to charity shops and have a lot of rubbish out front of our house. If only they did Yard Sales in the UK!

Anyway - part of the sort was to move the office furniture downstairs - including the computer. We unplugged it - moved it down - re-hooked it up and the modem wouldn't work. Tried everything. Nada. Rang the helpdesk -they talked me through tons of stuff - then sent me a new modem. Which arrived this morning. Still no joy. I've tried it in 3 different phone points but it isn't connecting. NO idea why. So I'm offline (and well pissed off) until I can work it out.

I haven't got long here at Mums but will try and catch up - I know so much will have been going on on my friends' blogs and I miss my daily fix!

All is well at our house though - got told off by the midwife this week cos I'm losing weight (not eating enough) - my blood sugars still aren't right but I've got to eat more carbs and stop skipping meals. Baby is fine, bp is fine - all is well.

Right - Oscar is asleep upstairs, Rob and I are off out to my favourite japanese/chinese restaurant for the cheap as chips all you can eat £10 buffet. Will try and post when I can but don't know when it will be.....

Sunday, October 22, 2006

For Moxie

To my darlin Mox. All last week I kept thinking -must post a card to that chum of mine as it's her birthday on Monday. I even bought one. But I'm crap - this last week, finishing work and all - it's been worse than usual on the brain front. So I'm REALLY sorry but I haven't posted it. But I haven't forgotten it either.

So this post is just for you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dearest Moxie, Happy Birthday to you.

You're always so good and never forget mine, Rob's or Oscar's. I'm totally crap. Just know i love you to bits and am sending you all my love. Hope you have a great day.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My first attempt at youtubing!

I've got a new mobile phone - got a free upgrade and a funky nokia with a video a good cable to download to the puter with (which I lost on my previous phone).

So I've attempted to share my videos - hope this works - it's taken with the phone so it isn't brilliant....and i can't work out how to convert them from .3gp format to an mpeg so I can't edit them together so they're only 20 seconds (if anyone knows how I can do this for FREE please tell me)

Here's Oz playing with his Baby Einstein puppets....

Tell me if it works! If not - i need help...

Monday, October 16, 2006


I have hurt my foot. Last night, coming down the stairs, I trod on a plug. Yes your average three pin plug....but instead of it just bruising - the longest pin stuck in the sole of my foot. I put my full weight on it.....Couldn't work out what it was then reached down and yanked a plug out of my foot.


I was very faint but didn't pass out- just had to lie at the bottom of the stairs bleeding! Rob was putting Oscar to bed and came downstairs - Oscar was a bit freaked out - but I felt ok after five minutes of lying down....never felt that faint before - even when I cut my ring finger so deep I saw bone - maybe it's cos of the pregnancy....

So I'm off to see the nurse this morning as I'll probably need a tetanus shot. As if i'm not injecting enough at the moment (no..the insulin dose is still rising as my blood sugar is still too high - I'm on 18 now - started at 2....)


Friday, October 13, 2006

Feeling very spoilt today

Penultimate Monkey Music week - and one of the mums isn't going to be here next week for my last class so presented me with a huge bouquet of yellow flowers which made me cry. I'm realising how much I'm going to miss the kids in the classes. I've watched them grow up over the last year and I'm very very fond of week I'm bringing lots of tissues.

Then came home to find a parcel from Poppy! With one of my favourite treats in it - beef jerky. I love the stuff. Poppy and I once bought some at a place called Peckerwoods - and we have the t-shirts to prove it! Jerky is available over here but is exorbitantly expensive so Poppy - you're an angel -with everything you're coping with at the moment, it makes me so grateful and thankful - it's a low GI treat and I'm scarfing it as I type! Hoorah for my wonderful friends....

Haven't posted much I know - am so tired. One more week of MM and then I'll be sane.....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm a brave girl

I injected myself with insulin today. Saw the midwife and got all the gumph. It is a pen but it still looks like a needle. I have to push it in to my thigh, press the plunger and wait for 3 seconds. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to do it but I did it and it was ok. Well it wasn't. But I'll manage.

I only have to do it once a day at night. And I have to eat more often cos I'm not eating enough (SO unlike me!).

My bp was perfect, I'm measuring exactly where I should be and the heartbeat was fine - baby kicked a lot too which you could hear really clearly!

So all is well. I've got my head around the insulin and the planned caesar if it happens. I'm never going to feel blase about stabbing myself in the leg, despite how small the needle is. But I'm going to put my big girl panties on and deal.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Big boy Oz

At Oscar's baby shower he received a beautiful Pooh Bear quilt from 2 of my stonecutter chums. He used it for the first time tonight and he looks so CUTE and little in his big cot bed with a proper duvet. He love hiding under our duvet in our bed so I thought this would be a good idea - to get him used to when he moves into a proper bed at the end of October. I've been dying to put this on his bed but he wriggles so much. And it was hot over the summer. Now the nights are cooler and it's perfect!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Two things....

First off - MOXIE YOU ARE NAUGHTY! I've been dying to find out all day what colour baby she is carrying - she had her scan today - and she's being a tease (quelle surprise) and not telling. Having known the woman for 17 odd years, she's a master at this sort of thing. I think about tormenting people but my gob is too big - I get excited and blurt it out

Mox has the patience of a saint. She managed to convince me, over a wind up period of at least a month, that our shared student house was haunted - by doing various tricks like spraying polish around the house, bending spoons in the cutlery drawer (only my spoons) and removing batteries from the remote control, making me think it was broken, only to put them back in and change channels when I wasn't looking and freak me out.

She has evil ways. She will probably torment us all with this one till the baby is born....grrrrr!!!

Second....Oscar's face was a picture today and I'm gutted I didn't have the camera - There was the most amazing rainbow in the sky this evening - totally perfect - only lasted for a couple of minutes. Rob called us out and we three (should I say four with the bump) stood and gazed at it - Oz's face was a mixture of awe and joy. He's never seen a rainbow in real life that clear before. He knows what it is and stuff. We stood and all sang "I can sing a rainbow" together. It blew his tiny mind. Made me think - wouldn't that be a cool first memory for him to have? Standing in the garden in Daddy's arms watching the most perfect rainbow fade into a grey sky.......