Friday, April 17, 2009


It's inevitable. It was bound to happen. I expected it to happen in January when Oscar started school. But for some reason he waited until this week....until today....

Oscar is now officially obsessed with the word "Poo". He asked if we were having poo juice for dinner. He keeps chasing his brother round the house and saying "run poopoo run". Tonight he and Rob were making up songs in the bath - "twinkle twinkle little poo", "Baa baa black sheep have you any poo? Yes sir, yes sir, two bags, two. One for the Master, One for the Dame, the rest of the poo I do I do down the lane".

Rob then started singing "oh yes, I'm the great pootender...." but Oz didn't get that one.

I know it's a stage all little boys go through. I just kinda hoped we'd missed it....

In other language news - Toby's speech is coming on leaps and bounds. He greeted my Mum today with "hello gaga. I got an apple". And everything is "my" - my apple, my balloon, my toy....he's easily understood which is cool. He still tants a bit - not as much as before and usually when he wakes up from his nap - 7 times out of ten he freaks out and screams for about twenty minutes. You just have to ignore him, try and distract him and then it's like flicking a switch and he stops and is cheerful.

Easter has been a bit gloomy and boring. Toby got a horrid cough and we ended up in Casualty last Saturday - since he had bronchiolitis as a baby I am super-careful about his chest. He was fine and by Sunday morning was like a different child - total overnight recovery. Easter Sunday was nice - Mum came round and I did a leg of lamb (she bought it, I cooked it!) and it was nice to sit down all together. Toby only ate roast potatoes but at least we all ate together. And I've never cooked a leg of lamb before as Rob doesn't really do any meat but chicken - but even he liked it. Helped that it cost a bomb from Waitrose. I think Rob only likes good cuts of lean meat - fair enough - we just can't usually afford them! Mum was so impressed with my dinner though that she's offered to supply the joint any time I want to cook it for her! Hoorah!

Back to school next week - I'm quite looking forward to it! And on Tuesday I have a meeting with the Head and the other candidate for Governor to see what's going to happen - it was a dead heat and I have no idea what the protocol is - I still want to stand though so we'll see what the Head suggests.

No other news I can think of....erm...just some pics - most of you will have seen them on Facebook but just in case here they are beautiful boys....