Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm back!

Had an AMAZING time in the States.....lots of sleep, girly goss, eating, drinking.....and......I got a little permanent reminder of my time there.....the symbol of stonecutter friendship - a sunflower. Me and my gals all got one....

This was in the tattoo place just after - hence the redness and blood! I will post a close up of it as it looks now once I get my pics off my sister's camera (Kirsti please upload them!!). In this pic it was a little bloody! *eek*. It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be - only took ten minutes and only cost $20! Hoorah!

Actually just took a pic of it myself (excuse wobble it's a self portrait and hard to take a picture of your own right shoulder..!)I'm too tired to blog all the details of the trip but will try to over the next few days - I flew in yesterday morning....Rob flew out this morning at 7.30. Barely saw my man before we tag team parented and I'm on now all week - with jet lag.

In other brief news my car is broken - emission light is on so it isn't safe to drive - so thanks to my amazing friend Claire and my Mum, I dumped the kids and sped up to Tower Bridge on the train and now have a hire car for the week until I can get mine fixed on Thursday. It's a stick shift though, which I haven't driven for years.....quite scary but I got home through London in rush hour without stalling once. We're off to Epsom for a party tomorrow so we'll see how we go! Eek! It's a little Nissan - 5 door so big enough for us but nothing like my lovely Jeremiah.....thank God I've got a car though!

Right - off to moisturise my tat. Can't believe I got one before Moxie....I have haven't I Mox?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hello from Americaland!

Had a great flight- moved seats (while getting filthy looks from the other passengers!) and had 2 seats to myself - North West airlines has interactive controls for entertainment, even in economy so I got to watch whatever movies I chose and the ability to pause them and rewind...very civilised. Saw The Other Boleyn Girl and Definitely Maybe - 2 films I have wanted to see.

Arrived - unpacked a bit - was too excited to nap so we went shopping! Got some AMAZING bras that make my boobs look like they did before children (sigh) with the help of some strategic padding! And some of Sarah Jessica Parker's new fashion range Bitten
LOVE her style and the fact that they come in XXL! There wasn't much left in that size but I bought what they had and will be going to a different store to try and get more. Also got a bag and some earrings! I feel very stylish now with big knockers!

Sushi for dinner (of course) and in bed by 8pm which was midnight in my head so I did quite well considering I'd been up at 4.30am. Slept for 12 blissful hours.....and am up today, going to go to IHOP for brekkie (of course) and then who knows........

MISS the bubbas though

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I think Oscar might have broken my nose a little bit....

It's been a mad weekend. I haven't blogged for ages, I know. But I'm off to Detroit on Wednesday to spend a week without the kids or husband - visiting my sister and my stonecutter pals. I can't wait! So I've been preparing by selling lots of baby stuff to raise some spending money. Did an NCT sale on Saturday which took loads of preparation but I made £70. Then today I did a boot sale. Made £30. But lots of lifting, carrying, standing in the sun.....haggling.....

My back has been really bad - I've got a pelvic problem (I think it was sacroceliac joint or something similar) and haven't been to the chiro for a few weeks and it's got worse......been sore all weekend with shooting pain down my legs too - muscular I think. Not enough to disable me but enough to have me in constant minor pain.

Toby has woken up at 5.30 am for the past 3 mornings. And I haven't had my usual weekend lie-in (since I'm basically having a week off) so I'm exhausted. And this morning in my bleary state at 6.30am getting very sick of Tickabilla.....Oscar headbutted me.

I dropped Toby it hurt so much. And burst into tears. Which freaked Oz out. And screamed at him a bit.

I've had a cracking headache all day and my nose is sore but I didn't think (or have time) to check it until just now - asked Rob what he thought.

My nostrils aren't even anymore. And when I scrunch my nose up it clicks. I haven't got black eyes or anything dramatic....but it hurts! And my head aches. My body aches. God I can't wait till Wednesday!!!

Sympathy please........ the new look?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Oo! I've been tagged....

the lovely Clare tagged me and I only just noticed.....

My Foundation:
Maybelline Mousse something or other but I rarely wear it - now I use bronzer

My Mascara:
It's a Maybelline great lash one -just like Clares and I'm wearing it now!

My Day Cream:
I don't moisturise.....eek! I always forget...

My Essential Beauty Product:
Flying Fox shower gel - does that count?

My Favorite Makeup Product:

My Perfume:
A body shop rose smelling one or DKNY

My Nails:
Were lovely before I did the filming this week where they cut them all off

My Feet:
Grim - I have an ingrowing toenail - MUST go to the docs about it.....ouch!

My Hands:
Are small

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:

1. Factor 50 sunblock

2. Hair conditioner

3. Can I swap "product" for a life time supply of chocolate?

Women I admire for their beauty:
Gawd I don't know. My friend Debi - I was at her son's christening today and she looked absolutely radiant and beautiful.

Women with the Best Sense of Style:
Another friend - Julie - she's amazing.

My Ultimate Dream:
To be happy.

How Do I Define Womanhood:
An underappreciated sex....

My Favorite Fashion Publication:
As a plus size person I don't read fashion mags - there's NOTHING in there for me. Someone print a Vogue which has clothes in it for real people and I'll buy it. I skip the fashion pages in Heat magazine but read the rest...

I'm just not a very "product" woman am I - don' t have a beauty routine. I have children.....