Thursday, January 31, 2013


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A sad sad day for Lewisham. Not unexpected. But deeply horrible.


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A bit uninspired today....and my conch shell took my eye. And then I fiddled with it on ribbet to give it a bokeh-ish look. I love this shell. We went on holiday to Antigua before kids and went out on a boat trip. The boatmaster was catching conch and taking out the flesh for lunch, then giving all the pretty skinny gals in their bikinis the shells, to try and flirt. Needless to say I wasn't offered one. So I asked for one and he grudgingly gave it to me!


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I teach at the Royal Observatory on Tuesdays. KS1 and EYFS. Today I received a big envelope full of amazing thank you letters from Yr 1 class who visited in December. I've had positive feedback before but never letters from the children themselves. Quite made my day.


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Toby got a congratulatory postcard from his Headteacher today. His first in year one. He's making an effort and I'm a proud mama.


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Sunday lunch at Sapporo. My favourite restaurant, though the food wasn't as good as usual. However the boys were! Success! Hopefully more family restaurant trips to come.


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Just an average Saturday. Not! Today I held a banner at the Save Lewisham A&E march alongside at least 20,000 others. And was very proud to do so.

Then I went to a 9yr olds birthday party with Oscar where I proudly held an 8ft Burmese Python. Called Alexa.

Loved both!


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All that's left


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A filler. I've been fighting a horrid cold and have taken Zero photos. This is one I took the other week at canary wharf.


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I know I know....Toby again! But it's a milestone I want to record. He's an utter fussy eater. It's a battle I've fought with him for years. He'd survive on fish fingers, pizza and jacket potatoes if he could. We've persevered and he's finally trying new food. Tonight - one of my faves - mac n cheese! And he tried it. And he loved it. Result.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


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I'm being very Toby-centric in the last few days but I couldn't NOT do this for PAD. Toby lost his first tooth tonight! He's ever so excited....


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What a difference a day makes. Toby made a snow owl. In the garden. And he loves it. It's got wings and everything!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


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We attempted to go sledging today in Mountsfield Park. Our genuine Russian sled (bought in 1969) just didn't cut it - the snow was too powdery and the grass too long. Toby wasn't very happy. He also didn't like snowballing - this shot was taken after he got one in the chops.


19/365/2013 by sally_re
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The snow in our garden is still pristine apart from cat tracks


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Snowy self portrait before a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon


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Another filler but I actually love this shot. My favourite unique necklace built by me via FaceTime with my sister in a craft market in Detroit. I chose the elements - a fairy ceramic tile, a starflower, a lock and a key (behind the tile hidden from view) that says 'dreams' on it. And the words I live by. Embrace Imperfection.


16/365/2013 by sally_re
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My first pad fail. Just haven't been taking pics the last couple of days so here's a filler. My bedside lamp!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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I teach at the Royal Observatory on Tuesdays. This is the view from the window outside the Discovery Space. I'm so tired today - I intended to take my dslr and take fancy shots in my break but this will have to suffice today. I don't function well on 4 hrs sleep (unlike clogsilk!)


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Clogsilk and I.....reflected in art. Ain't we pretty?


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It's sausage casserole weather. Wish Toby would eat it though


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So my Friday singing classes aren't going I have to cut down from two to one class on Fridays. And that has meant today has been spent doing fiddly editing involving cutting out stickers and trying to make them look professional cos I'm too skint to get new leaflets done. Grrrr


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So....I bought my tickets in October....I have been looking forward to it for weeks....I took a whole box of tissues. And I didn't shed a single tear. Most disappointed. I wasn't emotionally invested in anyone except Fantine (yes Anne Hathaway is stunning but she dies too quickly). I was shocked by how nasal Hugh Jackman was. I expected Russell Crowe to be crap and he was but Hugh? Oscar nominated? He slaughtered my favourite song (Bring Him Home). I think the whole role was out of his range. Every time it went slightly tenor he sang through his nose and off key. Gutted! I'm glad I saw it but it didn't move me.


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So it's nearly 11pm and I haven't pad-ed. eek. Nothing earth shatteringly interesting has happened today apart from eldest son feeling poorly after school which meant I played nursemaid. So this is a bit rubbish but I got this out of the library today and its funny and easy to read. And - Miranda claim to fame - I met her in 2005 when we both auditioned to play Big Gladys in The Basil Brush Show. I got the part. She got the stunningly successful acting and comedy career. Such fun!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


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I was stumped for a photo today....and then hoorah! They screened the episode of JEdwards' Big Adventure that my lovely husband filmed last year. I think he was amazingly patient with them - explaining the prime meridian - helping them work out which way was north, and showing them the 28 inch telescope and illuminating them on the idea that the world is ROUND. It's on iPlayer if you want to check out his performance. I'm a very proud wife. My kids are also dead impressed that now BOTH their parents have been on CBBC - I'm in a couple of episodes of Basil Brush and now Daddy is on JEdward!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


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My baby boy is six today. It feels like a really big milestone - a five year old is still a baby almost...but six seems like a step away from little boy to big boy. He had to go to school today - first day back - but I think he quite enjoyed having a fuss made of him. He's changed so much in the last six years - I loved looking back at this day in our personal history. My baby isn't really my baby anymore. Though he told me tonight he'd always be my baby "even when I'm really old and I have a beard".

Monday, January 07, 2013


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It's an inset day today and I had to get the boys out of the house cos the cleaner was coming. I contemplated the softplay overpriced hell that is Gambado....then decided that since Toby has become addicted to Brick Lane Beigels, we'd go on a trip to replenish our supply. 2 trains....heavy use of the iPad and DSi but we did it and they were happy. We had lunch in the salubrious surroundings of the shop!

Catching up!

I have been doing Photo A Day! I just couldn't remember how to link to my blog....but I'm doing it from Flickr now

Here's Day 2

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and I'm attempting to link Day 7 straight from Flickr....

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year's Resolution!

I've decided to get back on the Photo A Day project for 2013 - I did it in 2011 and it was brilliant but 2012 was a chaotic year and I just didn't manage to do it. But I'm determined to this year!
A great start to the year. My sister and her Missus have been here for Christmas and have spoilt me rotten. Yesterday particularly. They bought amazing stalls seats to see Matilda, bought me dinner and then champagne in the interval....I'm really so happy to have seen the best show on the West End - a great start to the year. I haven't been to the theatre for ages and this year I'm also getting to see Chorus Line. It's also my New Year Wish to get an acting job - and I'm working on my voice and a west end job would be the dream. Who knows. I'm trying to be optimistic and positive about the year ahead. 2012 was up and down. Quite hard emotionally and dead as far as acting work went. This year has to be better! And I'll be documenting it.