Friday, December 30, 2005

Trying to be eloquent

I'm trying to write a retrospective of 2005. I can't think of anything! So much has happened this year - personally and globally. Globally it kind of sucked. I know people who were affected badly by hurricanes and someone who still hasn't recovered from experiencing the Tsunami in the Maldives.

Personally I can't believe when I look back at photos of Oscar in January how much he's changed. It's the first full year I've had him in my life (jan - dec) and I can't quite remember what my life was like before.

New Year will bring new things - teaching Monkey Music starts on Friday 13th (kind of worrying). I'll probably be going back to admin work part time in February. I'm hoping I'll get pregnant next summer some time possibly.

Some things have suffered this year - my relationship with Rob is changed beyond belief and has been rockier this past year than it ever has been. We'll have been married 10 years in May 2006 which is awesome. I wanted to have a big celebration but I don't think we can afford it.

I still want to start my own business with Julie next year but financial pressures (ie me going back to admin work) may get in the way. I'll have to see.

I don't know - I can think of profound statements. I can't write like some of my blogging friends who should be publishing their work it's so well written.

Maybe inspiration will come tomorrow. I might try and make some resolutions.....that would be interesting

I should have been going to a pantomime tomorrow but thanks to London Transport being on a tube strike, I can't.

Oscar just came in saying "muuuney" - with 5p in his hand. How cute is my son! He was the best thing about 2005 and I'm sure I'll say the same this time next year.

Oh by the way - Bonjour to Pearl's friend in France!

Just read this back - disjointed or what!!! I'm tired.....

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Naughty Oscar

I don't know what's been up with him today but he's been possesed by the naughty fairy. He's been grumpy and crotchety - throwing things. Whining.

Then the classic - I was in the kitchen making soup when I heard him bashing the phone. So I went in and put it back where it was - on the windowsill (damn that climbing baby). I heard there was a message on my voicemail (it plays a broken dial tone so I can tell) and it's Lewisham Police Department - Oscar has dialled 999 (that's UK 911 for my US readers). They are asking me to ring them urgently to confirm all is well. I ring them and profusely apologise.

Five minutes later two lovely policeman ring the doorbell. The call must have been too late. Oscar thinks it's fantastic - PC Plum from Balamory come to visit him. Again, I am red in the face and profoundly apologetic.

I need to get a phone lock or something. He's a demon child when it comes to telephones. Even though it was on the highest surface, he managed to get it. And dial 999. I hope to heaven that no one really needed the policemen at 12pm today. I wonder how often that happens.....

Only good thing - I know that the response is fast in my area - Oz made the call at around ten to twelve. I rang them at five to when I realised - and they arrived at 12 anyway....


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday fun

It's nice to have time chilling out post-crimble fest. Rob is off work, we take it in turns to have a lie's lovely. Oscar is such a laugh at the moment! He's on his trampoline a lot - pictured here in his Crimbo cardy - it's so funny with that hood. His other favourite thing is to go out in the garden and play with next door's cat - and his blow up football (Oscar's, not the cat's). It's very cold here all of a sudden - Christmas Day we were all in T-shirts. Now it's frosty and snowing - hence the very bundled up bubba - but he's having such fun outside we can't bear to keep him in!

I made a pie tonight -my first ever home made pie creation - turkey and chestnut with a puff pastry lid. I was quite proud of myself. It had wine in it and everything -very grown up - and very very tasty. I'm going to give Oz some tomorrow. (Don't worry - there isn't that much wine in it)

I was good and went to the gym today and did an hour on the treadmill/bike/crosstrainer combo. Then came home and ate chocolate. But still - I did an hour's exercise!

We went to Basingstoke yesterday to visit friends - a married couple who are pregnant - Yuki and Simon. They met while Simon was working in Japan. Yuki, despite being 27 weeks pregnant - cooked us a Japanese feast for lunch - I can't remember what everything was called but we had rice balls, egg steamed with vegetables and fishcake, fried chicken and these "japanese pizzas" that she cooked in front of us on a grill on the table - cabbage and egg and squid and pork. We then covered them in sauce, mayo and bonito flakes which "danced" with the heat of the pancake. I cheekily asked to take the rice balls home and ate two of them in the car on the way home! Yum!

Oscar was great fun - running round an un-childproofed home (they'll learn....give them time) and causing chaos. We put him in his jammies as we left and he stayed asleep despite being lifted out of the car, having his hat and coat taken off (it was so cold in the car) and stuffed into a sleeping bag. Didn't wake up till 8am this morning.

I'm so in love with him at the moment. He's just so funny. Talking up a storm. Running round being giggly. Pretending -that's the big thing at the moment. He pretended a piece of pizza was a car - going brum brum with it. He tried to feed a little plastic doll a chip. (He does eat healthy food, honest....) He puts things on his head that shouldn't be there - like his toy Boo - and says "hat". He pretends he can't find his toy Boo and sits there holding it, while directing you to the corners of the room saying "there!" knowing full well it isn't - and laughing his ass off as he watches you search.

He's trying to count - points at things and counts them off though he only says two. So it's two, two, two.... instead of one two three - but he's getting the idea. He also says BUM when he wants his nappy changed which makes me laugh so hard.

Hoorah for toddlers.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

It's been a wonderful day. Oscar woke up early but I was up already, stuffing the very expensive amazing turkey my parents had bought. Oz had a stocking to open in the morning full of bathtime goodies from Rob's Mum and then he had a nap while we stuffed ourselves with roast turkey, roast potatoes, mash potatoes, sprouts, cabbage, peas, parsnips and lots of bacon wrapped sausages and stuffing. And bread sauce and gravy.

Oz woke up as we started to open presents. We all did very well - Rob got me this and this amongst other things - they go very well together and I'm totally relaxed. I got lovely presents from my mummy friends - mainly chocolates - posh chocolates from one friend that were divine...also go well with the above....

Oscar had a blast. He got so many gifts - wonderful toys and books and bath games. And THIS. I don't think I've ever seen anyone love a present so much.
He's been on it all afternoon and had to go to bed early because he was so tired.

All in all a wonderful Christmas Day. I hope you all had a marvellous, fun filled, well fed, loved up Christmas. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Love is....

Couldn't resist this....

Your Inner Child Is Surprised

You see many things through the eyes of a child.
Meaning, you're rarely cynical or jaded.
You cherish all of the details in life.
Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.

Back in the land of the blogging!

Thanks to my AMAZING sister, I had my computer fixed at a proper computer fix it shop and it's running like a dream. All clean and back to factory settings but without losing anything so THANK YOU KIRSTI!!! I'm in the process of posting some pics up on the photosite for you now.

My Dad is home from Georgia for Christmas, Rob is on holiday, Oscar makes us laugh every ten seconds and my puter is working. Life is SWEET!

I've missed you all - I should do a Thirteen but I can't cos I have to reload so much software onto the pc I don't have time. But I will be able to keep you updated over Christmas now. I'm very excited. Our tree has so many presents underneath it! (Mostly for Oz of course).

I'm just so relieved to be back online - you don't know how addicted you are until your supply is cut off!

Ok - off to reinstall and tinker....

Saturday, December 17, 2005

At Gambado again

Thank god they have computers. And it's Saturday so Rob is entertaining Oscar. It's quite busy here though and I have a stonking headache.

So what to tell - did I write that I have officially passed my Monkey Music training? I can't remember....well I did - it all went really really well - I had great fun and I start teaching on the 7th January. I've got a shopping list a mile long of props I need to get - having problems finding an elephant! There's a song which has a camel, an elephant, a dolphin and a pony in it....and I have to find dressing up clothes too for the older age group! Scary but exciting. I really can't wait to get started.

Oscar and I seem to be developing a cold today - he was a bit feverish yesterday and very snotty. I feel rough today.

We've got a Christmas party to go to tomorrow with all my friends I met at my GP's post-natal group. I'm going to do a Monkey Music session (which may become a frequent thing at parties now...) and have made CDs for all the babies as presents (we're SO skint)

Rob is off work from Wednesday - can't wait - so I can get some family time and a lie in or two!

Saw Narnia last night - I really enjoyed it! Awfully British stiff upper lip fairy story. Very festive.

That's all I can think of. I can't afford to get my computer fixed at the will log on from remote locations whenever I can.....

Friday, December 16, 2005

Pinching another computer

My friends are being lovely letting me check email and use their internet while I'm visiting! We're round at Julie's today - meant to be talking business but the babies are too much! Oscar is on a suicide kick -keeps falling over and banging himself. Neither he or Mya would sleep this morning and Oz only slept for an hour this lunchtime - Mya is still asleep.

I tried Saltfish fritters for the first time today! Julie is an excellent cook and is gently introducing me to Carribean cuisine - loving it. I'm a very big fan of saltfish fritters...yummmmm.

Ok - that's all - too antisocial to blog in company. My puter is still dead and I don't know when I'll be back online properly...grrrrrr

I'll be back regularly whenever I can!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Just a quickie

As I'm at Gambado again - I've got a HORRIBLE virus type thingy on my home pc - can't get online at all - am going to get it fixed but may be incommunicado for a while....

Will be back as soon as I can...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Trampolining Granny - the proof!

Christmas Thirteen

Great new code - thanks Leanne!

Thirteen Things about SALLY

1. Everything in my house keeps breaking. The dishwasher makes my fusebox blow, the vaccuum cleaner is broken, I broke 2 glasses this morning...what is going on!

2. I made 8 Christmas cds for my friends' babies yesterday. Thank god my mother came up with that idea as I was running out of options.

3. I bought all of Rob's presents online! Even candy for him! I'm very happy.

4. I'm dumping the ginger spawn on my mother tomorrow and doing the last of my shopping on my own - bliss! First stop- Starbucks for Eggnog Latte

5. Eggnog Latte is christmas in a cup for me.

6. I'm actually sitting in Gambado at the moment! They have free internet access. Oh the wonders of access everywhere - time to blog in peace!

7. In case you worried that I was neglecting aforementioned ginger boy, the aforementioned super-grandma is currently supervising.

8. I just looked up - my mother (68) is bouncing on a trampoline with Oscar. She's amazing.

9. I have managed to drink a whole cup of coffee uninterrupted thanks to the trampoline grandmother. Bliss No 2!

10. I don't know what else to buy Oscar for Christmas - have bought him a trampoline already (really!). I'm on the look out for little but fun things - any suggestions?

11. I don't know what I want for Christmas! Isn't that crazy? At the moment all I want is an eggnog latte in peace

12. Can you tell I'm obsessed by eggnog? You can't get it in the UK except in Starbucks coffee form.....last year my marvellous sister brought me some in cartons from America. It was marvellous.

13. I had my final Monkey Music observation session yesterday so on Saturday I've got my own training - so cross your fingers for me and I'll let you know how it goes.

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hello Peru!!

I have a new gadget on my blog - look to your right and down a bit - above flickr - it's from Neocounter and it's very snazzy - tells me who is visiting my blog at anytime and from where...and then gives me the top five locations - UK, USA and Canada I think I know who my readers are....but Czech Republic? Peru? Wow! Thanks for checking me out.

Makes me feel a little dizzy thinking someone in Peru is reading my blarting. (I keep having Paddington Bear moments ....deepest darkest Peru....). I honestly do forget that anyone apart from my stonecutters, mum chums, sister and Trace ever read this....

Don't worry - I'll still keep blathering on in my usual manner. I started this blog to remember my own life as my memory is so bad, I can never remember what I did last week - now I can track back almost a year....I love that people read and respond to it - I never considered myself a writer and it's flattering and lovely that I'm not boring people to death and they come back for a visit now and then.

Anyway - do leave me a comment if you're from somewhere exotic - it'll make my day! I hope the weather isn't too bad in Czech Republic. I hope I'm not boring you.

I'm off to bed - doing a practice run for Monkey Music tomorrow morning chez moi - at least 8 babies plus parents expecting to be entertained/educated. Eek! At least if I mess up, it's in front of my mates so it's a good practice for my real training day next Saturday - where I have to do 3 sessions under observation.

Monkey Music songs are whizzing round my head - hope I get some sleep!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

13 time again - 13 Fantasy things I'd like for Christmas

It's December! I love Christmas and now I'm officially allowed to get festive as it's the month of sparkly loveliness.


1. World Peace (I'm a generous girl)

2. A winning lottery ticket (I'm also greedy)

3. A real diamond (I've never owned a real one - just cubic zirconia)

4. Calorie-free christmas cookies, chocolate and cake (that taste just like fat ones)

5. A sparkly tiara

6. A visit from a real fairy

7. Some ruby slippers just like Dorothy's

8. A teleport machine so I can visit my family and friends in the States

9. A round the world plane ticket (first class please Santa)

10. A ballgown like Cinderella's that makes me look a size 12

11. Long curly hair (I always wanted it when I was a kid)

12. The ability to ballet dance like Darcy Bussel

13. A fun and happy Christmas celebration with my family

Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
1. Leanne (the creator of the 13)
3. Jodi
4. Dawn
5. Jen
6. Carolyn
7. Jennifer
8. Renee
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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

OK - I think 1-12 are wishful thinking but I'm quite sure I can get 13!