Friday, January 19, 2007

Finally! An ACTING post!

I do sometimes forget that this blog is confessions of an English ACTOR/Mum/'s been so long since I had any acting news to speak of - but no more! Today I have news that both my low budget feature films are being released in the next couple of months! Hoorah!

First off - Everything To Dance For - this was shot just after Oscar was born and I'm sure if you troll through my archives there's info on it. It's my largest role in a feature film to date playing the mother of a young girl who dreams of being a dancer. Brendan Cole is in it. It's being released on the 14th February onto DVD and will be available to buy from the website - . I'm really proud of this film - apart from the fact that it's directed, produced and written by one amazing woman (one of my best mates), it has a phenomenal performance from Sasha Jackson who plays my daughter - she's beautiful and talented and an amazing dancer. It was such fun to do and I'm so glad it's finally getting out there.

Now the second - The Witches Hammer ( - that vampire film I made when pregnant with Oscar - totally different from the above! I play Charlotte Apone, an enormously fat indestructible psychotic vampire with an axe wielding dwarf sidekick (called...Oscar). It's a horror film but with a very witty sense of humour - Blade meets Buffy is how I describe it. Stephanie Beacham is the star (I'm sure you remember how I feel about her...) and Claudia Coulter is the main character - a genetically modified vampire. It's a cracking British horror film and I have really high hopes for it. You can pre-order it on by clicking here - it will be released to the rental market on March 5th and to buy on March 26th.

So there! I've not done a scrap of work for ages and now two movies being released in two months - I feel like a movie star again!

So look out for Witches Hammer at Blockbuster in March....we're really hoping to build up an internet buzz about it. And although Everything To Dance For hasn't got a commercial release, the producer is hoping to sell it through the Royal Academy of Dance and Dance studios -and again, if demand becomes never know.....


Anonymous said...

Fab news Sal! Looking forward to getting my mitts on both of those when they come out! hope all is well with you and The Boys! love Ux

Kristina said...

COOL! Both sound great, but Witches Hammer seems right up my alley.

P.S. I never realized you were in a Ben Elton film!

Moxie said...

Fab! Typical though, you wait for ages and then two come along at once! :o)


Jemma said...

Oooh two movies out you star you!!! Any chance of a screening at yours when they come out?

EG said...

Yay!!! Gonna keep my eye open for those!! Love to you and the boys! Ess. x