Wednesday, March 30, 2011


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I had the easiest babysitting job in the world friend Anne lent me her beautiful baby daughter Alice while she was with her husband who was having an operation.

Alice slept the whole 3 hours she was here - waking only when her auntie arrived to take her away. She didn't even wake up when I picked her up to cuddle (and photograph).

She's adorable and it was an utter pleasure to babysit a child who you could just look at and coo - no nappies, no bottles, no puke - just gorgeousness! Thank you Anne....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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I haven't taken a picture today and am inspiration free so thought I'd post this - I've bean meaning to since I started the cemetery series. I mean NO disrespect posting this here - please believe me. One of the things I love doing at the cemetery is reading the names, rediscovering old names, realising how many older names like Ada or Emily are still popular today.....

This is my favourite name I've found there. I have an image of a sweet faced lady with a name that in the 1920's was nothing interesting....but now makes me smile! How some old names are still alive and others are not! And Fanny always makes me think of Fanny Brice and that makes me think of Funny Girl and that makes me smile.

So please believe I mean no disrespect in sharing this - I'm not mocking the dead - I'm just smiling.....maybe one day when I'm gone, someone will smile at my name and remember it. Who knows.....

Monday, March 28, 2011


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I'm trying to be a bit more inventive with family meals - relying less on ready meals and processed food - and more on home made stuff. Unfortunately this doesn't always make sticking to a Weightwatchers diet easy - whatever they may say to sell their cookbooks, their recipes aren't tasty.....but i'm trying to cook healthily and low fat - if not necessarily low point.....

So I shopped cleverly and bought a giant pack of lean steak mince. Fried half of it with onion, leek, carrot and mushrooms. Added a pinch of cinnamon (it's a Delia Smith suggestion and it really works), put flour in the pan and stirred it in, added beef stock and brought to the boil for a few minutes. I mashed potato and parsnip with low fat creme fraiche and topped the mixture. I put a small sprinkling of low fat cheese on top and baked until brown and bubbling.

Oscar ate every scrap and asked if we could have it every Monday. Toby wouldn't touch it and only ate one mouthful (with much tears and screaming) to get his pudding. I am fed up with Toby's picky eating - he's got to start eating what we are. It's my main reason for making family meals this week - am fed up with making one meal for the kids, one for Rob and one for costs too much and it's too much faff.....

I'm happy with the pie!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


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Another Sunday I was really looking forward to - meeting my folks for a dim sum lunch at our favourite restaurant, Royal China in Canary Wharf. I took this photo in a tunnel - I was right in the front of the train on the Docklands Light Railway (it's an automatic train for those who don't know it - no driver - so I was right in the front). I love the way you can see the reflection (and me holding the camera) in the top right and the track and tunnel in the bottom.

The restaurant was shut. For refurbishment. For 6 weeks. So we had a coffee instead. Another disappointing Sunday - let's hope next weekend - Mother's Day - isn't the same.....


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I meant to post this yesterday - it's a day late but appropriate for today! Do your census UK peeps!

Friday, March 25, 2011


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Glorious sunshine today - totally un-March like but really welcome after the cold and grey....I hung out the washing again today - love the smell of line washed clothes.....

It's going to be cold again from tomorrow so this was to celebrate the sunshine and my clean fresh towels


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How boring, I hear you cry. A photo of your car....well....

Yesterday I took it in for a service. This car has cost me a fortune in the last 12 months - from a seriously expensive service last year, a new battery, 3 new tyres, new back suspension and a new exhaust. I wasn't expecting this service + MOT to be expensive at all....under £200 easy.

Ah no. £400. Then £235 for the road tax....

HOWEVER...having spent just one day without it yesterday and dragging my four year old around on public transport and then both kids around on foot.....

It's almost worth every penny.....don't know what I'd do without a car (and yes I know I'm lazy and unecofriendly). I really don't....

Anyone want to buy a child to help me pay for it?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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These are the two reasons I can't stay discombobulated for too long. I'm exhausted - it's been a full on day with friends for lunch and playing in the garden all afternoon.....but they make me laugh and keep me grounded. This was Toby trying to keep Oscar quiet. Once Oscar had got out of the bath, Toby turned and said "Oscar is so noisy. It's just blah blah blah blah blah".....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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#Meateasy is the big hype "guerilla" pop-up restaurant that's been blogged and written about all over the place since it opened in late January. You can read all about it here -

I've been desperate to try it and tonight was the night -went with my parents and my husband.....and if I'm honest I was disappointed. Everyone has been RAVING about how it's the best burger in London, how it's incomparable, name an adjective, it's probably been used to describe the wonderfulness of Meateasy. my opinion either it's slipped (because it's SO popular they are busy no matter what), I was there on a bad night or the people eating and writing about it actually are very very young and have bad taste in burgers.

We ordered a chili dog, philly cheesesteak, mac n cheese, bacon cheeseburger and some fries and onion rings. The fries were ATROCIOUS - seriously - don't bother ordering them. Worse than McDonalds - cold, greasy and unappetising. The Chili dog had mustard all over it and the chili had mustard in it, which overpowered the taste of anything else. Hubby couldn't finish it. The bacon cheeseburger was ok - not chargrilled and a bit greasy though. My Mac n Cheese was very tasty but no where near as saucy as the photos on Flickr show it used to be in the early days of #Meateasy. It was delicious but a bit dry. The Cheesesteak did not resemble a real Philly Cheese-steak (Dad has had them in the US) but it was tasty - the green peppers were lovely. The onion rings were greasy and not as good as GBK.

The desserts - the baked cheesecake was, according to my mother, NEARLY as good as her own which is high praise indeed.....I had the chocolate brownie which was lovely - not too sweet - dark chocolate - and hot with ice cream which was lovely.

It was very busy, very noisy, not the place to linger or converse. We were definitely the oldest people in the place (not counting Mum....I'm talking Rob and I). It's full of beautiful young things who probably cross straight over to the Venue night club as soon as they've scoffed.

I'd save your money. It was a fun experience but IN NO WAY as good as the hype....

Am I really surprised?

#Meateasy on Urbanspoon

Monday, March 21, 2011


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I'm all over the shop today. And it's not just because of Jane Eyre....

Six months ago tomorrow I had a very surreal and strange falling out with my best friend of 20 years. Facebook was a factor, misunderstandings abounded, feelings were hurt and she totally blocked me out of her life.

I'm trying to move on. I have to really - I have no choice. But my stomach is churning and I'm just...all over the place about it today....don't know why

So much has happened in the six months. In 5 months I'll be 40. Maybe that will put the puzzle pieces back together? Does that mean I'll feel grown up and in control and not....discombobulated....?

(On a side note, I have always loved that word and never has it felt more appropriate to use it.)

She might read this. If she does - "hello I miss you". If she doesn't...."goodbye I miss you"

People move through your life don't they - nothing lasts forever....insert cliche's just making me feel wierd today and also making me realise I've got to move on, get on, appreciate what I have....

One thing that has been lovely is everyone's support - not just yesterday but throughout the stresses of the past six months - ADHD, Diabetes, Pain,'s been tough. And although my best friend was gone.....I realised I have many many friends and I'm really grateful for every one of them.

Anais Nin said "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

That just spoke to me somehow today....

Oh I don't know - how waffly is this post? Told you - discombobulated.....

Sunday, March 20, 2011


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This isn't the most flattering picture of myself but it's me on my way home today.

I was so excited...I've been waiting for this day to come. Last year I worked on a film called Jane Eyre - one of the biggest jobs I've had on film - 6 days work on location and in Pinewood. The film was released last week in the US and has been getting great reviews. I saw the cast and crew screening today. I travelled up to London very early this morning to Mayfair and was full of anticipation and excitement.

And I've basically been cut. All the work I did. I'm barely visible on screen at all.

Making this film was the most amazing job I've had. I got to work with a hero of mine (Judi Dench). I got to work with an amazing director and improvise a scene he invented specifically for my character. I got to meet some wonderful people, and I got to fulfill a long held ambition to go back to a place where I used to work as a receptionist, but this time I was walking in as an actor. And for that I'm utterly grateful. And yes, I got paid quite nicely thank you.

But I'm bitterly, bitterly disappointed that none of this made it into the film. I know it's the nature of the job. I know Kevin Costner has been there done that. But I was SO excited. And I'm also embarrased that all the friends and family who have been just as excited as I am, may as well not bother seeing the film (though it is a wonderful film). I'd planned a group outing with my friends. I couldn't wait to show it to them. And unless you know where to look, I'm not there at all. I've talked about it for so long - plastered my website with's almost humiliating.

Bitterly bitterly disappointed.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


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First PAD I've shot on my phone! Couldn't resist this and my camera was dead. First proper sunny springlike day today - even put my washing on the line (it didn't dry well but it was still nice).....Loved a blue sky and a bright sun!

Friday, March 18, 2011


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The moon was so beautiful tonight but my humble point and click just couldn't capture it.....this was the best I could do.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011


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A few days old - haven't been inspired today....

Pob! (for those of you who aren't English of a certain age - watch this here Pob was on Channel 4 in the late 80's and was a very silly puppet....

My eldest son Oscar has never seen Pob but can do an uncanny impression......

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


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I'm a serious sushi addict. I had sushi on Monday at Yo! in fact...but today I've got a serious sushi craving on.....this is a bit of a wierd photo - just me messing around while waiting for my bath to run last's actually a ring - made of fimo clay modelled into a pretty little sushi platter. My point and click was having problems focusing on it so I put it on a sparkly headband....and this photo came out. I like that you can see my favourite Llubach bowl in the background (which has featured in my Jan PAD) and that you can't really tell what this picture is unless you know....I think....

And it summed up my sushi craving.....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


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Baby Alice is a big hit in our house. My boys can't wait for Tuesday afternoon as she always comes to visit....thiand nice to include another snap of @clogsilk who inspired me to do PAD in the first place......Love this pic!

Monday, March 14, 2011


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Quite nice to have a bit of gray stone...just spring daffodils....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


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I think this will be the last cemetery shot for now. I know I planned to do a monthly theme - but I've had enough of the dark beauty of the cemetery. Maybe it's because the cherry blossom is coming out...maybe it's because the world is a dark enough place at the moment and I don't want to dwell on it. So this serene face will be the last from Hither Green - I may return to it - I really want to take pictures there in sunlight. I'm going to free myself for the second half of March and be themeless.....

Saturday, March 12, 2011


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When my husband found out I was doing pictures of the Cemetery over the road, he asked if I had a picture of the devilish angel. And I knew instantly which one he meant. But when I came back and looked at this image, it isn't as evil looking as we both remember! It's on a row surrounded by very round-faced chubby cheeked angels and I think the pointy chin makes you notice it, it stands out, and looks more imp than angel.....What do you think?

Friday, March 11, 2011


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I just love this angel...she seems so stylish to me - is that wierd? I love her louche pose, the way she's gently dropping petals on to the grave...she looks sophisticated to me - it's just how I see her


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I've been messing and playing with lots of different filters....and thought I'd do a pre and post filter post!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


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The inscription reads
"To the Treasured Memory of our Dear Son
Patrol Leader William Ernest Priestman
10th Forest Hill Group Boy Scouts
Taken suddenly for Higher Service 10th April 1929 Aged 17 1/2 years
For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again
then so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him."


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Sunday, March 06, 2011


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This statue is almost heartbreakingly damaged. It looked so lost and odd without it's hands or head....A lot of the statues around it are missing bits too - I hope it isn't vandalism but I have a feeling it is.

One of the most appalling things @clogsilk and I found yesterday on our photographic exploration of the cemetary were the war memorials where the plaques have been stolen - probably for scrap metal. There are huge empty stone squares on the memorial. Don't know if there's any way to recover the knowledge, or the names of the fallen who were honoured and remembered there.

All for a few pounds of copper or brass. It's despicable and horrible and although I couldn't bring myself to photograph the evidence of that, this statue also sums it up to me.


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This reminded me of the Venus De Milo....Loved the lines of the sculpture. She was on a row with a lot of broken statues - another one for the next pic. Don't know if it's decay or vandalism....

Friday, March 04, 2011


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Thursday, March 03, 2011


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Yup. Definitely sticking with the graveyard theme.....I love the shape of this angel's wings. Beautiful. Oh...and happy birthday Kirsti - you're an angel in human form so apologies for not photographing a birthday cake or something less morbid!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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The more I look and edit the photos I took at the Graveyard, the more I think I might like to have that as a theme for March....but is that morbid? Especially since I've just experienced death so closely?

Don't know...seems like it's around so much at the moment. A colleague of my husbands lost his sister yesterday - she was killed in a freak accident - a car ploughed into a bus stop and she was waiting for a bus with her son.

One thing I have really learnt through all of this is that life is fleeting, precious. In the midst of life, we ARE in death. And the graveyard opposite my house is a daily reminder but also a beautiful one.

So for now, I'm concentrating on the stonework I've photographed and am continuing to photograph at the cemetary.

Might be morbid. But it's inspiring me.


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I was going to have a theme again for March, like I did hearts in February..but nothing inspired me or came to mind. So here's a photo from the graveyard over the road from my house. I love it much interesting's not quite enough for a theme....though it might be! Watch this space....