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#Meateasy is the big hype "guerilla" pop-up restaurant that's been blogged and written about all over the place since it opened in late January. You can read all about it here - http://www.themeatwagon.co.uk/

I've been desperate to try it and tonight was the night -went with my parents and my husband.....and if I'm honest I was disappointed. Everyone has been RAVING about how it's the best burger in London, how it's incomparable, amazing...you name an adjective, it's probably been used to describe the wonderfulness of Meateasy.

HOWEVER....in my opinion either it's slipped (because it's SO popular they are busy no matter what), I was there on a bad night or the people eating and writing about it actually are very very young and have bad taste in burgers.

We ordered a chili dog, philly cheesesteak, mac n cheese, bacon cheeseburger and some fries and onion rings. The fries were ATROCIOUS - seriously - don't bother ordering them. Worse than McDonalds - cold, greasy and unappetising. The Chili dog had mustard all over it and the chili had mustard in it, which overpowered the taste of anything else. Hubby couldn't finish it. The bacon cheeseburger was ok - not chargrilled and a bit greasy though. My Mac n Cheese was very tasty but no where near as saucy as the photos on Flickr show it used to be in the early days of #Meateasy. It was delicious but a bit dry. The Cheesesteak did not resemble a real Philly Cheese-steak (Dad has had them in the US) but it was tasty - the green peppers were lovely. The onion rings were greasy and not as good as GBK.

The desserts - the baked cheesecake was, according to my mother, NEARLY as good as her own which is high praise indeed.....I had the chocolate brownie which was lovely - not too sweet - dark chocolate - and hot with ice cream which was lovely.

It was very busy, very noisy, not the place to linger or converse. We were definitely the oldest people in the place (not counting Mum....I'm talking Rob and I). It's full of beautiful young things who probably cross straight over to the Venue night club as soon as they've scoffed.

I'd save your money. It was a fun experience but IN NO WAY as good as the hype....

Am I really surprised?

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