Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Last Christmas my lovely sister and sister in law offered to buy me tickets to Glee Live for my present. I couldn't find anyone to go with, didn't really want to go on my they bought me a camera instead (and started this whole PAD!). I love my camera....but was always sad about missing Glee - especially since I've been hearing about how amazing it is from others....

My lovely friend Steve saw one of his twitter friends was selling a ticket for tonight and hooked me up. So last minute, using some of my prize shopping spree money I had left over.....I'm going to Glee!!!

I'M SO EXCITED!!! Pics tomorrow I'm sure.....


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When Oscar was a baby, Mum went to Bordeaux and came back with this chair....(I have a pic of him in it as a baby which I must dig out....). He loved it as he grew and when Toby was born, Mum bought him one too.

The seat wore out recently and thanks to my cousin Sarah who lives in France, we managed to get a replacement in a lighter blue than the original. It's supposed to fit a toddler but my skinny minny six year old's bottom still fits it perfectly!


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178/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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Baby Alice isn't such a baby anymore....


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177/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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My lovely husband let me escape (again) and I went to Wimbledon - not for the tennis but to hang out with one of my best friends Pearl.

We lay around in the sun in the park which was bliss but then were very good and went and did a Zumba class (Pearl is an instructor) and had a brief swim. Then we went to Noodle Foodle for sushi....and what sushi it was.

This was my favourite.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011


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Due mainly to Oscar's ADHD, he hasn't been invited to many birthday parties. I think it bothers me more than him.....and it certainly saves money on presents....

However he was lucky enough to be invited to TWO parties today - one for a netmum friend of mine's son (also called Oscar which was a bit confusing for them both) and later to a swimming party with a schoolfriend Harland.

Two lots of cake in one day - can you make a six year old boy happier?


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My lovely mum is recuperating from an operation so the boys came round to see her and cheer her up. They didn't stay still for long as you can see - I think they're both pretending to be Pokemon here....not sure from Mum's face if she enjoyed it!


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I've been Chairmum of the Catford Netmums Meetup for a couple of months now and I've met some wonderful women. We've started to do a regular Sapporo trip (and you must have realised by now how much I love that joint). This was the biggest gathering yet - all squished around one table!


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This is Toby with his best bud No 2 (after James), Ajay. They are in nursery together and will start reception together in September. They have a love hate relationship - it's usually 60/40 love/hate - this was a moment of love - they were both watching Princess and the Frog - I think they'd been holding hands before I came in but Ajay didn't want me to take a picture!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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To cheer myself up I had a candle lit bubble bath (my drug of choice) and had saved enough points to gorge myself on belgian chocolate eclairs - Weight watcher's brand and only 2 points each - highly recommend them as they are delish.....even more so when eaten in a steamy hot lavender scented bath while listening to chick music....


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Absolutely horrible day. Nuff said.

Monday, June 20, 2011


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Happy Father's Day - this was my gift to Rob - a bloody great crate full of sweeties - retro sweeties - from - highly recommended!


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Sigh....memories of last week - I found this while clearing out my handbag.....


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169/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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School Summer Fair - MAD day - I didn't stop but I did manage to shop a bit - this is a bag charm made by a friend of mine and I love it...


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167/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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Suzanna also introduced me to the sweet heaven of Honey Mangoes from Pakistan...I am now addicted...


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166/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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A lovely friend from Singapore made me dinner tonight (and my boys - God help her) - this is a Malaysian/Javanese dinner of noodle soup - Suzanna made everything separately - slow cooked shredded chicken in Korma broth, Begedel dumpling on top, rice noodles, bean sprouts, coriander - delicious....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Go the FUCK to sleep

I love this. If you're in the US you can order an audible copy of it for free here - with Samuel L Jackson reading it - just perfect choice to narrate! ....I just ordered the book....


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It's "Fathers' Story Week" at Oscar's school - it's also National Fathers' Story week too so the school asked Dads to spend some time sharing a favourite story, comic or book with your child. They asked us to send in pictures of this moment and this is the one I took tonight of Rob and Oscar sharing one of Rob's favourite childhood books - The Magic Faraway Tree.

My boys are lucky - they get Daddy reading them a story nearly every night - it's only when he works late or goes out that story time is up to me. I saw a headline last week when up in town that one in five parents is unable to read aloud to their child and it chilled me.

Oscar already has his nose in a book most of the time - he's inherited our love of literature. Toby, although he cannot read independently, still loves to pretend he can, and sits next to his big bruv reading comics or picture books to himself - often remembering verbatim the words in the book if it's a favourite.

Through the years, I kept a stash of my favourite books to pass on to my future children - things like my copy of the Neverending Story in 2 colours with illustrations, Hans Brinker which I loved...but also "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret" which somehow I don't see the boys connecting with.....


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Toby is most definitely a water baby but until recently he wasn't keen on bubble baths...however now he loves you can see!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not a pic...but a video

I was downloading some pictures off my phone when I found this - about a month old - from when we first went to the Peter Pan Diana Memorial playground - I shot this on the way home on the DLR and it's just pure Tobyness....


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163/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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My parents are part of an international gang of (mainly retired) scuba divers who met online - the Cyberdivers. They dive in the most amazing locations all over the world. Alfred is one of the original cyberdivers who I've heard spoken about over the last decade or so.

This weekend I finally got to meet him and it was fab. It was his birthday so we took him to Royal China, my now second favourite Dim Sum place (after Crispy Duck on Thursday I'm now a CD fan!). Although he dipped practically EVERYTHING in hot mustard sauce, I think he enjoyed his birthday lunch!


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We went to the Party in the Park at Manor House Gardens - but we didn't take much money with us so the boys didn't get to go on loads of rides. Instead they had a donkey ride and sweeties/candyfloss. They were happy!


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Today was a comedown....the previous 2 days of wonderfulness almost seemed like a dream and I was very grumpy! Back to reality with a bump.....

Had SUCH a good time and I love this picture so much!

Friday, June 10, 2011


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Day 2 of the prize! Continental breakfast buffet at the hotel - yum - then off to meet my personal shopper!

I was a bit nervous before she got there - wasn't sure what to expect. I only had 2 hours with Debbie and she was absolutely lovely - really listened to what sort of clothes I liked/wanted. Took me all over Marks and Sparks looking for pieces and picked up things I wouldn't normally have tried on. I didn't really have time to get into a lot of detail with her but it was bloody lovely having someone carry your clothes, fetch different sizes from the changing rooms etc. We spent over half the time in M&S then whizzed to Evans to buy some mad shoes (I can barely walk in them but I HAD to have them) and another outfit.

I ended up with a beautiful black and white dress, a polka dot swing skirt, leggings, 2 tops, 3 pairs of shoes, a playsuit (like a floaty maxi dress but trousers instead of a skirt), some jewellery and a fascinator headband. I've still got £200 left and I'm saving that for my Vivien of Holloway dress which I'll get nearer my birthday.

Then I met up with the girls again, we had manicures as you can see (I couldn't resist the glitter) and a wonderful dim sum lunch (which the girls paid for - how lucky am I !)

Ended up with a wander around covent garden, home to dump the bags then off out again to book club. All in all, I couldn't have had more fun or shared it with more wonderful friends.

So enter internet competitions! It's so worth it!


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So the day of my grand prize experience dawned - couldn't wait for 4pm when I escaped and went up to London to meet the lovely Clogsilk and my friend Suzanna.

We had 2 rooms in the caesar hotel in Queens Gardens - very swish and lovely. We had dinner at Polpo which was amazing.....and then a cab ride home to a mini pj party in Suzanna and Clare's room with hot chocolate and gossip. Perfect start to a wonderful prize....

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


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Just feeling a bit silly! Tomorrow night I get to stay in a hotel with my lovely friends, eat at Spuntino and then go on a shopping spree on Thursday as my prize from Nice And Easy. So I'm in a silly happy mood!


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157/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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This is my friend Julie's adorable little girl, Leah. Unfortunately, about 20 minutes after this adorable pic was taken, she puked ALL over me! I'd forgotten how hot....and sick is.

Bless her little hear t- Mum ended up taking her to casualty as she was vomiting so much she brought up bile. Seems it was just a virus. TOUCH WOOD that I don't get it!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


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I'm being very family centric already this month - think it's cos my big lovely camera is broken so I'm using my point and click. And not venturing out taking arty farty clever shots! IT was impossible to get a nice picture of all of us eating our roast - this was the best of the 6 I took!

I always try and get us all sat down to eat at least once over the weekend - we don't usually manage it in the week as Rob doesn't get home from work till bedtime so the boys eat early and we eat late. So Sunday dinner is always important. Toby used to be really fussy but perseverance has meant that he now eats every bit - including the broccoli!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


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On the way back from Felixstowe we got caught in the hell that is the M25 clockwise heading to the QE2 bridge. We thought we were being clever heading away from Felixstowe at 3.30, avoiding the Suffolk Show traffic and hopefully arriving home by 5 and missing the rush hour.

Rob took this. It summed up our feelings perfectly - overheated, crawling, listening to audio book of "How The Camel Got His Hump" for the umpteenth time......



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At Framlingham Castle they had a dressing up event. I loved it cos they had a plus sized medieval dress that I got to wear - unfortunately Oscar took the picture of me wearing it and you can't really see it. Oz refused to dress up but Toby loved it - he insisted on wearing the biggest helmet which meant he couldn't exactly see.

The "squire" who dressed him christened him Sir Wriggle.


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Words, again, fail me on this one. My boys. Peas in a pod.


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152/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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This is Joyce. She's simply lovely. One of my oldest and dearest chums. Her husband, Andy was someone I met on my very first week at Uni. We became friends and in our second year, Rob moved in with him. And then I moved in with Rob. I like to think I returned the favour by being the link between Andy and Joyce....

It was Andy's birthday we were celebrating but it was also a double celebration for me cos it was the longest time I've managed to spend with Joyce for ages and I treasured every second.

I know this isn't chronologically correct as this was taken on the 31st May but I had to include it as I love the picture of us.

Love her.

May collage

May collage by sally_re
May collage, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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Yay! I did it again! And only a few days late (which isn't bad considering I was offline for half term!) Am now catching up on June.....


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On our way to Felixstowe for half term we stopped off at Dinosaur Adventure - highly recommend it!


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The whole crew in our stripey robes that were in our bedrooms. Truly a memorable and wonderful weekend....and I got utterly drunk on Prosecco!


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On the beach at Cromer - taken by Steve


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This is the gang from Andy's weekend - absolutely amazing group of people. This is the huge dining table - we'd just eaten squash and pancetta pasta (cooked by me)....


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147/365, a photo by sally_re on Flickr.

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Staying at the most amazing Chaucer Barn in Norfolk to celebrate Andy Fraser's 40th. Andy is one of my oldest friends from Uni, Rob's best mate and is married to my best mate Joyce.


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This is the pic I took to send to my personal shopper (!!!) who is going to style me and help me spend my winning money!!! So watch out for the after one on the 9th June or thereabouts...