Friday, June 30, 2006

Cosmic Ordering Service

I heard this being discussed on the radio today and actually remember reading about it too - Noel Edmonds credits it as the reason his career has been have to ask the Cosmos for things - order them like from a catalogue. And they come.

The author, who is German, was interviewed on the radio, and she sounds wonderful - has no idea how or why it works -but is adamant that it does. She says you have to find your own way of doing it - there's no hard and fast method. Noel Edmonds writes little symbols on the back of his hand supposedly. She herself goes outside and talks to the stars.

So I'm going to have a go. And I'm using the medium of the blog (don't know if the cosmos reads it but it's worth a shot). I have this rhyme in my head - like the rhyme in Bagpuss that Emily says - bagpuss oh bagpuss oh fat furry catpuss......

I've adapted it

Cosmos, oh Cosmos oh great mystic Cosmos
Wake up and bring me this thing, wondrous thing.
Wake up, be bright, be magic and light
Oh Cosmos please hear what I sing....

I would like to order....

1 healthy baby ( a girl would be nice but healthy is the main one)
1 new car

I hope it's ok to order a new car - I don't mean NEW new - just one that's easier to manage - my old volvo isn't central locking (which actually makes it a royal pain when trying to reach round to open the rear doors with a child/carseat in your hand), hasn't got electric windows (which I thought were just a luxury until it got so hot in my car I wished I had an extra arm to reach back and manually wind down my windows in the back and on Oscar's side) and I would love a CD player as Oscar throws a screaming fit when I try and rewind the tape we listen to EVERY car journey. And the biggest thing - a higher car. My friend Julie has a big 4x4 and loading Oscar into that is a dream - don't have to bend over at all - it's all on my level. I can't imagine bending over to load Oscar in when I get more pregnant.....

So please Cosmos - send me the means to buying a second hand MPV please. Either an acting job (that would be cool!), a premium bonds win, or anything you deem appropriate.....

I know the author of the book asked for a new boyfriend. And people ask for new jobs. So I hope my requests aren't too greedy.

I'll let you know if it works....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


BT sent me the driver disk I wanted so I can now access the web from the desktop. So I can be online a lot more! Rob is in the shed with the laptop but I'm still able to get online.


Oz was ok today -still not 100% - quite clingy and emotional - like a woman on a period - and not eating much. He slept for 3 hours this afternoon and so did I - well not for 3 hours but for an hour - I've been wiped today and I went to bed at 8.30 last night! I think I may have what he has - just feeling run down and a bit grotty. Monkey Music was a serious effort today - hard to be all bouncy and enthusiastic when you just want to curl up and sleep. I was so tempted to chuck a sicky today but there's no way I can really - unless I'm at death's door - there aren't any substitutes and it would mean disappointing about 40 kids. And I can't do that just cos I'm tired....

tempting though!

Rob is worrying that it's a vitamin deficiency but I told him it's just pregnancy plus toddler plus monkey music! And a bit of a bug maybe.

So now I'll make an effort to post more regularly and catch up with everyone's blogs - HUGS to you Moxie - I had no idea how much you were suffering in the dental department. You're a brave soldier and I'm proud of you!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Had a rough night with Oscar last night - he threw up all over himself.


First time at about 11.30 - I was already asleep but heard him shout - I thought he was talking in his sleep - then make funny gurgling sounds so rushed in to find him covered in vomit and rather upset. He was still very sleepy but I took him into the bathroom and got him washed - went downstairs with him to get Rob (who was in the shed smoking) and then the two of us changed the bed, collected the puke covered toys, calmed the boy and put him down again.

I then had a shower - my sense of smell is intense at the moment and I was covered in vom....and tried to go back to sleep

Half an hour later - repeat performance. Now I only have 2 sheets for the cotbed (oops) so I put a towel down for him. He was very upset this time. He wanted his favourite teddy - a monkey called Muthy - we have 2 for occasions like this but now both were covered in vomit.

He had a restless night. Rob put the monitor in our room - it usually stays downstairs - because he was worried about Oz - but it meant that every little sniff or snuffle woke me up. And Rob snored too. So I'm shattered.

My lovely mum took care of Oz today while I did Monkey Music just to make sure he didn't pass anything infectious on to Elijah, my childminder's son. But I think he's fine. He woke up this morning asking for chicken dinner. (He had french toast). He ate a 4 sausages at lunchtime and a spoonful of peas. And a little dinner plus a yogurt. He's had a temperature but only a mild one.

So I'm keeping an eye on him. What it made me think about was what my normal nights are going to be like when a new baby is here - friends who have newborns + toddlers are telling me how tired they are - broken nights are hard when you have to be with it for a toddler the next day.....

Eek! I don't know how you mothers of more than one do it.....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

First birthday party of the season

Oz went to his first birthday party of the summer today -Jack's party (a joint one with his friend Jessica). It was fancy dress - Oz went as superman - and it was brilliant. Alison had gone to so much trouble - there were toys galore in the hall, tons of yummy food and drinks - and a chocolate Po cake that was yummy (yes I ate Oscar's piece - I'm a terrible mother). Lots of friends were there including - hoorah - Jemma and Jaya and Jove (and Stu). Such a treat to see the Jessup family - I got to cuddle Jove - he's adorable. And Jaya was romping around dressed as a gypsy having a grand time. There were even party bags to take home (that's how I ate Oscar's cake). Alison you're amazing to have done all that - we had a blast - Oscar is currently playing with the balloon from his party bag which is as big as he is - he keeps calling it La La's ball!

I have taken some pics but can't share them as I haven't got my usb camera cable (it's in the post as I left it in Detroit)

Only downside of the day was Oscar skinned his knee big time this morning - pouring with blood - took all the skin off it - his first proper skinned knee (the first of many I know). I put cream and a gauze bandage on it but that just got stuck on it and he ripped it off in the car on the way home from the party and screamed in pain. Poor little boy.....

I've decided I can't do a big party for Oscar this year - I'm in awe of Al for doing such a grand job - I haven't the energy or budget! We'll go to Greenwich Park I think, and anyone who wants to join us with a picnic lunch is very welcome. I'll get a cake and then that will be that I think!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not posted for aaages

Sorry! Haven't been online hardly at all - the desktop still isn't connected to the internet (I need a CD from BT that I lost and they haven't sent it yet). Rob has been using the laptop in the evenings so I haven't had a chance. I manage to get on a.nd check my email while Rob is bathing Oz but haven't really done much else. Every time i have tried as well, the wireless connection plays up - especially when I'm using msn messenger - if you talk to me and I suddenly disappear I'm not being rude - it just seems to disconnect me all the time! It's really annoying me.

So I'm behind on reading blogs and on writing this one! Not that much is happening - working at Monkey Music and being tired is about the extent of it at the moment! Oz is fine - I've found him a lovely nursery and he'll start in September 3 mornings a week. I'm going to give up teaching on a Tuesday afternoon cos it's only 1 class and it isn't worth it.

Pregnancy is going well - scan on 7 July. Thanks to all who left me lovely comments - especially people who've never commented here before -made me all warm and gooey! My friend Andrea had her baby last week so I've been getting some newborn snuggling in. You forget how small they are!

First birthday party of the summer tomorrow - a fancy dress one for Jack, Alison's son. Oz is going as superman! I'll take pics but haven't got my usb camera cable (Kirsti is posting it to me cos I left it in Detroit) so won't be able to post them for a while. But I'll take pics anyway.

I'm wracking my brain to think of something witty or interesting to say and I have nothing. Zip. Nada.

Friday, June 16, 2006

An evening to myself

It's been quite a week - from hot and humid to wet and miserable to hot again weather wise. Oz has been waking up at 5am regularly and I haven't always managed to get him back to bed. I've been knackered by the evening and teaching this week was a real effort. Oscar has been quite moody in the afternoons (tired I think) so it's been tough keeping him entertained - I didn't have anything planned this week (very unlike me) so I'm making sure my afternoons are filled next week.

I've been worrying about finding him a nursery place - my original choice let me down last week so I've been desperately ringing round and trying to find a place for September. Though my boss isn't being brilliant about the pregnancy - she says she has to get a new teacher (obviously) who might not want to wait until January or even the end of the year - so was almost saying that she might replace me in September. Which would be a nightmare financially and also probably jeopardise my maternity pay. And it means I might not be able to pay for a nursery place in September but I'm still looking for one and hoping that I'll still be working.

I'm starting to feel the pregnancy too - a heavy feeling down low in my abdomen. The nausea has disappeared and although I've been tired this week it's really because of interrupted sleep (getting up to pee). I don't feel that bone shattering exhaustion. So maybe I'm further ahead than 9 weeks....

have a scan on 7 July so we'll see then.

Anyway - the title of this post - Rob is out tonight. Oscar has actually been semi decent all afternoon - slept from 2 - 4.30 and then Kirsti was on webcam for about an hour so she entertained him for me! Now I'm going to order sushi (I know, I know you shouldn't have it when you're pregnant but I don't care) and watch Grace get her arse kicked out of the Big Brother house. And get totally shocked when she realises people don't hate her cos she snogged Mikey, they hate her cos she's a bitch!

Quite looking forward to it in an evil way..hehe!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Yes I am still alive

I'm just permanently exhausted in this HEAT! It's so humid and horrible. I can't believe it and I'm not dealing with it very well....

Oz has been running a temperature and veering from affectionate cuddle bunny to screaming biting hitting demon. I can't keep up. I had to take him to Monkey Music today because my childminder had a crisis with her car. Nightmare. He only slept 20 minutes and my BOSS came to class - she offered to come and sit with Oscar who burst into tears when she put him on her lap and proceeded to whine throughout the class. I was singing my little bum off trying to impress boss lady. I was lucky Oz didn't bite her.

I was so hot and sweaty during the class - it was awful. And trying to pack up with a hyper toddler in tow....

I was up a few times in the night with him. And he woke up at 6am. So even though it's 8.45 I'm off to bed. I want to stay up and watch The Notebook on Sky Movies cos I love that film and am quite in the mood for a slushfest. But I can't keep my eyes open....

So...not much to report.....more interesting guff later....or maybe not.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Magnificent Moxie

Last night dear husband was on the loo reading my magazine that I'd left in there (as you do)...when he shouted into the bedroom - "what is moxie doing stark naked in Psychologies Magazine??!!"

I couldn't believe it when I saw it but it's true. About 4 years ago I heard through my agent that David Bailey was looking to photograph ordinary people for his new book - in the nude....I wasn't brave enough to do it. Moxie is quite the amateur photographer herself but it had always been an ambition to be photographed by Bailey. So she did it. Went along with a work colleague, stripped off and let David Bailey photograph her.

And the photo is AMAZING. Go out and look at, or buy this
month's Psychologies Magazine -
it's got Halle Berry on the front – and turn to page 93 – in a full page photo opposite the article “How to Build Body Confidence” is the magnificent Moxie in all her glory, standing next to her friend Sheryl, with the most wonderful confident look on her face – inspiring and awesome in the true meaning of the word.

I’m so proud of her! And tickled too – I rang her last night and she had no idea. She wasn’t paid for the shoot so doesn’t receive any royalties or anything. But she did get a copy of the photo signed by Bailey which will be worth a huge amount one day. And she has a record of her fantastic body and her confidence in showing it. And it's such an appropriate image for the article.

Bailey's book is called Bailey's Democracy and it says in the article "In their naked honesty they ask the viewer to confront the human form in the most direct and honest way. There is no artifice, no computer enhancement, no smoothing of skin surfaces, no soft focus or subtle shadowing. What you see here is the stark, triumphant reality of the human body."

And it is triumphant. I'm so proud of her - I wish I'd have had the guts to do it myself but I wasn't and still am not that confident in my skin. So go look. And applaud her.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Details then!

Hee hee - that was fun- been wanting to tell you for a while but had some other people to tell first and I wanted to wait a little bit (but am too impatient to wait until 12 weeks)

Yes - well - it was another accident - a little bit earlier than I envisaged - I wanted to have a May baby next year - January sux a bit as a birthday for the babby - everyone is skint after New Years so no partying when it's older - and it might get double christmas/birthday gifts. And the weather won't be conducive to going out for long walks...but at least I won't be sweating in heat while 9 months pregnant like with Oscar....

I did know before I went to America. Found out the week before. I've been dropping subtle hints about being the blog....but then again all mothers of toddlers are tired! I saw the doc before I went just to check everything. Am doing the low GI diet thing from the beginning this time as I'm almost certain to get gestational diabetes again. Which put a bit of a dampner on my diet in America - I still ate well but had no candy or crisps - my usual m&m and cheeto fix had to go!

I've got my scan on the 7th July - I might have my dates wrong - my last period only lasted a day and a half which was wierd so I might be 4 weeks further along than I think - but they won't know till they scan so we're taking it as 7 and a bit weeks at the mo.

I'm due 17th January.

As those of you with more than one baby will know, it's blooming knackering being in the first trimester and having to run around with a toddler. The holiday was tiring too - I didn't plan on being pregnant - and flying while nauseous and wrestling with Oscar when your boobs are killing you aren't fun. Let alone trying not to lift heavy suitcases but then having to anyway.....

But all is going well so far. I'm nervous, as any newly pregnant woman is, but I'm feeling positive and I hope this baby stays put.

I'm lucky as so many friends are either working on, or already have a second child so I can get lots of advice and support from them. It's a bit scary - don't know how I'll cope or how Oscar will be - but we'll see what happens.....

(oh by the way - Rob coined the 2bee thing - don't know where it came from but that's what he called the future baby once he found out - 2B as opposed to 1A and the baby "to be" I suppose! Oz was "pip" in utero - so this one is 2bee!)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Catch Up

Ok - so I stopped blogging after Tuesday cos I was having such fun and was cramming in so much stuff I didn't get online!

I want to write about our adventures in Frankenmuth but Poppy has beaten me too it and she writes SO much better than I do - go
read it

For some reason I can't seem to upload photos to the blog today so I've put some up here

So that was an amazing trip - precious time with Poppy who has explained our friendship more eloquently and beautifully than I can ever do but I'll just cheat and go "ditto" (what movie is that from? I'm's bugging me)

So - that takes us to Thursday doesn't it - Poppy left on Thursday afternoon -Thursday night I went to
Trader Joes once Oz was in bed- a very lovely organicy deli-ish supermarket that sells yummy stuff that my stonecutter chums all rave about.I got some fab snacks - trail mix and sesame sticks that Poppy had got me hooked on - and some organic cookies so I didn't feel guilty when that was all Oz would eat for breakfast!

Friday met up with Susan and Evelyn and the wonderful Tiffey and went to a used kids clothes store- I went there last October and spent a fortune but there wasn't that much in - bought a couple of outfits. We then all went and hung out at Somerset Mall - very swanky - while waiting for my hair appointment. Got home - turned out hair appointment was actually at 12.30 not 2pm as K had thought - oops. Spent the afternoon shopping for props for Monkey Music - craft shops in America are amazing - I'm going to have the coolest seaside props this term.

I'd been craving popcorn from the cinema K and I went to in October but all the films showing were crap - so instead, Kirsti drove us to the cinema - we bought enormous buckets of popcorn then got a DVD from blockbuster! Family Stone - very lovely and slushy but a bit too christmassy - and Kirsti (angel) packed my cases.

Saturday morning - traditional last breakfast at IHOP with Susan and Evelyn and her husband Hal (the nicest man on the planet) and Tiff - Kirsti and Terry were playing at a mass commitment ceremony (the marriage kind - not the mental kind) and Oscar ate his bodyweight in bacon.

Tiff and Hal minded the kids while I managed to get my hair appointment - the wonderful hairdresser squeezed me in - Kirsti took pics but didn't give them to me (they weren't on the CD sis) so I'll get her to post them or email them to me and I'll show you my new funky hair. Oz had his done too - was an angel - again, K has pics.

Then it was last minute get organised and off to the airport. And the disaster that was the flight back. I'm actually going to write to BA and complain it was that bad. Can't be bothered to go into it again - maybe another post.

But I've had a nap. I've had some food. Oz is in the bath with his dad and is absolutely exhausted. I'm hoping we'll both adjust to the time difference ok.

We're home safe

I haven't blogged for a few days - having fun - will update later.

Flight home was...worse than the flight out -can't begin to explain how horrible - everything that could have gone wrong did including them not having a seat for Oz on the plane. I had no sleep - he had hardly any.

But we're home. Oz can't stop hugging Rob. Neither can I - Rob's been shopping, done all the washing - he's a star. Oz and I have napped but we're both groggy so will do a proper catch up tomorrow. Just wanted to post that I'm home safe and sound if stressed and tired