Saturday, July 24, 2010

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stolen from Claire....

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Ack...Facebook killed my blog

I keep meaning to come here and post but I just don't have bloomin time! One other main reason is that my leg is in plaster at the I'm not sitting up at the puter very often.

Had an op on my ankle for my osteoarthritis - 2 entry points, one 2cm lump of bone removed from the back, huge bone spurs removed from the front. It wasn't a pleasant experience - spinal block rather than general anaesthetic so I heard them chipping away at my anklebone.....bad reaction to morphine which made me vomit for a whole weekend....inability to get a drip in my arm which led to flashbacks of childhood where the same thing had happened......not good.

Rob was an ANGEL the first week after I was discharged. This week I've been solo - and with Toby off school it's been tough. Cast comes off on Tuesday and I can't wait.

A latex cast protector that Mum bought was a godsend - enabled me to bathe and shower....just wish I had worked out to pad the crutch handles before yesterday - my hands have been suffering as I'm not exactly light....and bearing all my weight on my hands has been horrid.

So what else....Oz has finished Year 1 at school. Can't quite believe that! He got a wonderful report - he's made such progress this year - and he has a wonderful new teacher for Yr2 so I'm happy.

Toby FINALLY potty trained. We're 98% there I reckon. He's got into the school nursery in September which is great - only one drop off! He's currently tanting his little butt off though - think it's the testosterone surge they get at around 4.....(even though he's 3 and a half).

On Wednesday this week our loft conversion got underway. We're having a double bedroom and full bathroom put up there - my sanctuary! It's not going to be fun while it's being done although Jim our builder is wonderful. The ceiling has gone and he's put a temporary one up so it's not filthy and horrible while they're working.....scaffold went up on Friday....plumber comes on Monday....Jim estimated 3 months...I'm hoping it'll be faster than that but not banking on it.

No garden for most of the summer so we'll be OUT and about I think - cadging invitations from friends who have no builders, going to the park, going out for the'll be ok and I can't wait to have my OWN bathroom with no boys in it (though Rob is insisting he should be allowed to use it - I'm considering it). I want sparkly quartz tiles as my favourite thing is candle-lit bubble baths. I'm going to ask Jim to put some shelving in for my tealight holders and ipod speakers. BLISS!

I've got some new work coming up in September - delivering Foundation Stage and Keystage 1 science programmes at the National Maritime Museum with a company called Little Bubbles Outreach - Little Bubbles is run by one of my BFFs Claire and her husband Daniel - we've expanded it into outreach and have written 2 shows for the NMM - really looking forward to it.

What else....what else.....due to my ankle I'm probably not going to get to see my sis in USA this year which is a blow. Definitely going next year. It's my birthday in a week and I'm having a dim sum lunch party which is cool.....


Will try and update more if only for the invaluable record of my life - when I think Toby is being totally awful and the worst kid in the world, I look back and see how Oscar was at that age, then look at him now, and know that this too will pass!