Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some springtime footage

Now you can see Toby walking.....

And the boys playing hide and seek...in my parent's garden

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toby news

I feel very bad that I haven't been blogging. Don't seem to have time these days! Or energy. Toby is officially awake every morning at 6.15 at the latest. Even though I go to bed early, evenings are spent cooking, eating, watching House on Sky+ and then sleeping.

So where are we with Toby. Oz by the way is his usual ebullient self - but Toby is making milestones and I feel I should record them. He's walking. Has been for about a week and every day is upright more than on all fours. He walks like he's drunk with his legs wide apart and topples over occasionally. Can't stand up again without a wall or something to help him. But give him another week and I'm sure he'll get it. It's so adorable I must film it.

He has been non breastfed now for about a month and hasn't tried to feed at all - SO much easier than I ever imagined it would be. His new bedtime routine revolves firmly around his 3 favourite books. After bath or flannel wash he is put in his pjs and sleeping bag by his Dad and sat on my lap in the rocking chair. He then reaches over to the table and chooses his first book - usually this oneHe loves to poke his fingers in the holes.

Then he chooses this one
It's an american book my sister gave him for Christmas and it includes a squeaky mouse that you have to whack - he loves it!

Finally his ultimate favouriteThere are certain sound effects he expects - roaring for the lion, oo oo sounds for the monkey and ribbits for the frog - he turns the page, lifts the flap then looks at me expectantly until I make said noise. He's very particular!

He's teething a lot and is in pain so he's quite grumpy unless medicated. But the cute little boy comes out sometimes. He's into EVERYTHING - can't turn your back on him for a moment as you can see. He climbs, explores, opens (especially the dishwasher and washing machine), unpacks (especially the washing machine and dishwasher), demolishes and can reach things on the table and counter. He's exhausting. And with Oz being off preschool for 2 weeks holiday I'm shattered.

This is the laundry basket he's climbing into btw....

But he's really developing a personality. A stubborn, inquisitive, fearless one!

And although Oz still bashes him sometimes, they do play together now quite a bit. And make eachother laugh - especially in the bath.
Here they are last weekend when we had a ton of snow out of nowhere. I can't believe my little baby has gone really now - he's definitely a toddler. Bye bye baby........

Friday, April 11, 2008

Moxie's son is here

Had a phone call from Mum herself - she had a sweep yesterday and was already a little dilated and had some contractions when I spoke to her last night....they went in this morning at around 10am as she was contracting a lot and frequent (she'll tell you full details I'm sure)

He arrived at quarter past 2 today - Roxie was amazing and stayed throughout (which was lucky as Mox was terrified she'd be left alone as CF would have to care for her as no one was there). Her little boy was around 8lbs 9 - she wasn't 100% sure. She did it all on gas and air - SUPERSTAR! So she was tired but happy - bleeding a bit so they're keeping an eye on her but her son is fine. Midwives were lovely but she didn't get to go in the pool.

He has the most beautiful name, just like his sister but I'll let her tell you. She thanks you all for the good vibes and I'm sure will be back online asap. If I hear more I'll let you know.

Hoorah - welcome to the world baby boy!!!! And serious well done to Moxie!