Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oscar is Macaulay Culkin?

I posted the holiday photos on Facebook and it was commented that Oz looks freakishly like Macaulay Culkin in this photo....do you agree???

Friday, May 09, 2008

Back from Center Parcs

We've just spent a week at Eleveden Forest - it's such a brilliant place to holiday with kids. I went to the Spa for the first time - and I mean the first time I've EVER been to any spa, not just the CP one - loved it - think this may become an addiction. Oz and Toby spent some time in the creche but most of the time in the pool and the playgrounds.

Here are a few pics - we also got a disposable waterproof camera which will have the best shots - must get it developed (seems like such an antiquated thing to do!). We didn't take the digital camera out much in case we dropped or lost it....so here are the few pics we did get.

Here are the boys bonding with our friendly neighbourhood duck at the villa:
And eating their lunch in front of the TV (some things don't change on holiday)

Toby driving the tractor in the playground (behind the Sports Bar - Rob had a pint and I had some wine at 4pm on Tuesday after Oz had been atrocious all morning!)
Swinging brothers Here's a game for you - see this insanely tall slide tower? See the photo below it? Spot the Oscar.....he was brave enough to climb up to the very top but wouldn't go down the slide itself! (don't know why this is typing like a hyperlink....)
Toby wasn't amused.....(or this either!)This is how Toby spent a lot of time in the pool area - gaining lots of "awwwws" from passers by - he'd wear himself out in the water then flake out for half an hour!

Oz and I played Seahorse (me) and Pufferfish (him) a lot - going round and round the lazy river part where a current pushes you gently along. Daddy was brave and took on the wave machine with Oz
Oscar is here commenting on the taste of brown smarties....very reflective

They were both happy to come home though - here's a cheery Toby
And Oz deep in his favourite book
So what do we do when we get back? Get the pool out! For my water baby!It was lovely to get away but really exhausting holidaying with 2 children! I've now got a ton of washing to do (thank god for lovely sunshine) and a bit of a tan!