Saturday, April 29, 2006

Baby shower fun

What was a great party. Small but fun. My pregnant friends Miranda and Andrea were guests of honour and our other friend Liz was there - we all met when pregnant for the first time so our kids are all the same ages.

Just for my Brit readers I'll tell you a bit more about the traditional baby shower games we played - the nappies were for a guessing game. I melted 4 different chocolate bars into 4 nappies - the shower guests have to guess which bar it is - by smell...or taste! But no one really tasted them. It looks gross and it's so funny watching people sniffing like mad....

Miranda and Rick

Then we did a similar game with jars of baby food - i covered up the labels and you had to guess what they were - by taste or smell - I remember at my baby shower I refused to taste them - Frank, Andrea's son, was very interested and scoffed most of one jar!

We also played word games - anagrams, guess the baby animal, and then each person had to estimate, with bog roll, the girth of the pregnant ladies - I was close but Rick, Miranda's husband, was spot on for both girls.

Everyone loved the chicken amore (including the kids) and we had lots of cakes and ice creams for the kids.

And the weather was good to us - so we sat in the garden for most of the day.

My feet are killing me - I hardly sat down all day - and I'm really tired. But it was worth it. Hoorah for baby showers.

A fun meme ....and a busy day

Your Birthdate: August 1

You are a natural born leader, even if those leadership talents haven't been developed yet.
You have the power and self confidence to succeed in life, and your power grows daily.
Besides power, you also have a great deal of creativity that enables you to innovate instead of fail.
You are a visionary, seeing the big picture instead of all of the trivial little details.

Your strength: Your supreme genius

Your weakness: Your inappropriate sensitivity

Your power color: Gold

Your power symbol: Star

Your power month: January
Cool eh? I'm liking that....I'm hosting a baby shower today for 2 of my nct chums due to pop in a matter of weeks. It's 10.30 and I've made chicken amore from scratch, tidied up, decorated, filled 10 baby shower presents, filled 4 nappies with different chocolate bars, peeled labels off jars of baby food so you have to guess the contents and printed off lots of games.
I'm sitting having a cup of tea now. Knackered already!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh My God.

Read the comments on the post below. I have been feeling miserable all evening (despite Rob bringing me home delicious dinner from marks and spencer)

I was reading the lovely comments on the blog - with Moxie's comment last

"I've put my magic psychic finding hat on and it is in the car down the side of the drivers seat... or somewhere round there..."

I thought - what the hell. Go look one more time - I'd already frantically searched the car when I discovered I hadn't got my purse. This time, I took the monkey music instruments out of the car (I couldn't earlier on when I was out and about). I took them out. No purse. Had a good look under the driver's seat. Nothing. Then looked down the side - where the handbrake is.


I'm freaked out. Now I've known Moxie for about 17 years. She often does wierd and wonderful things. I've always thought there was something other worldly about her....she's magical.

It's now been confirmed to me TOTALLY.

Moxie. You're amazing. I bow to you. I'm so frickin happy! I got my wallet back!!! Ok, so I've got to wait for new cards which is a pain.....

Now I've learnt my lesson - I'm going to take out all the important stuff and keep it safe. Thank you Mox! Thank you fairies! Thank you everyone and everything. I still feel like an idiot but a happy one!!!

Bad day

It's been a lovely week. Manic - first week back working - first 4 days a week working week.

I'm tired. But it was cool. Oscar got bitten very badly by my childminder's son,but I handled it well. I've been chatting up a storm with old friends i'd lost touch with.

Then this morning - dropped Oz off, drove to Monkey Music. Stopped at McDonalds to get breakfast - didn't have enough money so bought some tea. After Monkey Music I was going shopping. But I couldn't find my purse. I thought I'd left it at home so started to drive there before getting Oz - then realised I'd bought tea that morning.....

I must have left it at MaccyDs. I remember stopping to put milk in my tea. I must have - though I can't see how - put my purse down and then not picked it up again.

And it had EVERYTHING in it. I'm an idiot. My cards, my driving license, my national insurance number card I've had since I was 17. Photos of Oz. Photos of friends. Silly irreplaceable bits of paper. And....2 passes to Disneyland Florida - we had 4 day passes when we went years ago and there was one day left on them - they never expire.

I'm an idiot! I shouldn't keep them in my purse. I shouldn't keep half the crap in there that I did - my purse was the size of most people's handbags. But I've never ever lost my purse before - I'm always so careful. I can't believe I've done this.

I rang the police, searched MaccyDs, hoping someone would have worked out there was no cash and dumped it somewhere. They haven't so far. No one tried to use my cards. They're cancelled. I've asked the fairies very nicely to find it. Even tried St Antony.

Bugger. Not happy. The only thing that is making me feel better is dancing round my kitchen to the Dixie Chicks on full blast. Don't know what made me think of doing that but Oscar is loving it. I'm so pissed off at myself.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Since I got the laptop, i've been spending more time online....and more time reconnecting with old mates i haven't spoken to for ages - via msn messenger. Today I had a brilliant time with Ess on her webcam - got to see her beautiful kids and beautiful Ess - it was so much fun.

So on impulse I went out and bought one!!!

So Ess and I have been chatting - proper chatting - all evening. It's fab!

So if you have a webcam - leave me a comment or email me and we can have proper chats. You can see Oscar and everything...

Hoorah for technology

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I think I've probably mentioned this before but Oz is seriously slap happy at the moment. Usually in the evenings when he's tired. He hits me round the head and Rob too - we've tried everything. Stern voices - getting down on his level - naughty step. Now I'm thinking he likes the attention he gets when he hits.

We just got back from the library - they do a nursery rhyme thing on a tuesday morning which is always packed with other kids. Oscar hit three of them. It's embarrasing in public because when I tell him off, he just laughs. He made one little girl cry. He said sorry but I don't think he understood. It seems to be a game to him.

At home I can put him on the naughty step or ignore him. In public it's harder. I held him on my lap and ignored him but there was so much going on that it didn't impact at all.

Any ideas?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Back to work tomorrow

Monkey Music term started today - and my first class is tomorrow - then it's 4 half days a week from now on! I'm a bit nervous.....lots of new songs to learn....I left it to the last minute...but I think I'll be fine.

Sunday was quiet - weather was pants and I was tired after Saturday's fun-fest....Today Oz has been angelic for a change - was in the creche at the gym in the morning and then this afternoon suffered a 20 minute queue in the post office and then being pushed round a fabric shop while i got bits and bobs for Monkey Music. All without complaint. Makes a change! And a nice one too.

Been chatting to the lovely Jodi tonight on MSN messenger - another plus of having the laptop! Much easier and more comfortable to get online - sitting on the sofa chatting with my mates is much more fun than in the office/dumping room. Though Rob is watching Alien Vs Predator and the sound effects are grim - I'm not watching it but I can hear screams and squelching noises.....

Right - off to chat some more!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Don't it make you feel good? It was very springlike in London today and Oscar and I had a fabulous time up in town - went up to meet Joanne and her son Liam - Jo is Oz's fairy godmother - one of the most generous women I know. We originally met when I temped with her at the University of London - then I covered her job when she was on maternity leave and was 6 weeks pregnant when she came back to work. She's a very close friend and a wonderful fairy godmother - Oscar has worn most of Liam's clothes and inherited a lot of his toys.

It was lovely on the southbank -the boys running around in the shade of the London Eye

Then we found the carousel - Oscar loved it you can see from the sign on the booth, he was too little....

We had lunch on the banks of the river at the Giraffe cafe - !

and yes - my hair is in pigtails....I know I look silly but it's doing my head in - getting it cut when I go to detroit and because it's so layered, a ponytail doesn't hold it all I'm wearing bunches a lotOscar loved watching the boats on the Thames.

A lovely lovely day! I had to put him to bed tonight as Dr Who was on but he was angelic - totally knackered.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wireless wonder...and globe disaster

I'm typing this from my sofa!!! Our wireless modem arrived today and it's fantastic - means I can be online downstairs wherever and whenever I want while Rob can pute upstairs - no more kicking eachother off line so the other one can have a go. No more sneaking upstairs to check my email while Oz is watching teletubbies. It's fantastic.

Best thing about today which was otherwise pants. Was meant to meet Louise and Elijah today but they're both ill with stomach upsets. So we had nothing to do. And no money to go out and play.My neighbour popped over with her nearly 3 year old (who is potty training and wet himself twice in my living room) and her new baby. Oz was happy but the two toddlers caused chaos so I was quite relieved when they left!

Then Marion rang and came over with Steenie her daughter at lunch while Oz was asleep. They've been to Disney in Florida and were showing me pictures. Steenie was desperate to see my snowglobe - it's my most favourite one - with Cinderella's castle in it - bought in Disney when I visited there with Rob a few years ago - it's up on the mantlepiece to keep it safe. I showed her, then Oz woke up and I was distracted. You can guess can't you...

Later on I was in the kitchen with Marion while Steenie and Oz were playing (Steenie wasn't in a very good mood so she was tanting a lot) when I looked up from the stove and saw Oscar with my snowglobe in his hands, pointed was like slowmotion....he dropped it and it smashed to smithereens.

I know it's only a thing. And no one was hurt by glass which was a relief. But I'm sad as it was special.

I hate being indoors all day....and hate losing precious things. And hate spending time with other people's children when they aren't angelic! Silly that last one really as mine is hardly ever angelic....but it's just one of those days when my temper is short.

I got lots of cooking done though - made a huge dish of macaroni/cauliflower cheese with peppers and leeks and bacon in it, plus a big pot of veg soup. We went to pick Rob up from work - I needed a hug - and we all ate dinner together which is a rarity. Both Rob and I hadn't had lunch so we didn't mind eating dinner at 5.30! So it wasn't all bad I suppose......and I'm typing this from my sofa!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A photo post to catch up

As well as his first hamburger on Saturday, Oscar had his first Easter Egg on sunday...

followed by his first 99 ice cream on Monday - he's had bits of ours before but never a whole one to himself.... (he is enjoying it - don't know why I didn't catch his smile in any pics!)
He then had a lovely time kicking a football around Kelsey Park

Stopping occasionally to hug trees! Yes, really - kept cuddling the trees....he's a hippy!

Yesterday we went to Guildford to see Lesley and Lydia - making the most of them before they go to Dubai....

They weeded Lesley's lawn of dandelions and gave them to eachother - so sweet. Then we went to Wagamamas (Thanks Clive!) for lunch and the kids as usual had a blast. I don't know what I'm going to do in a few weeks if Lesley leaves the country as planned.....I've really enjoyed our weekly get togethers.

Mum leaves the country tomorrow for some time in the States - she's visiting Kirsti then going to San Francisco, Maui and then home via Minneapolis - she's a traveller all right! I'm very jealous - she's meeting her old college room-mate in San Fran and going to Maui with her and her daughters as a big birthday celebration. She'll have a blast!

Right - Oz is napping and I need a shower - had a serious workout this morning at the gym!

Monday, April 17, 2006

I've been tagged!

By Lesley - thanks Les - it's been ages since anyone tagged me for a meme....

Ok - I have to tell you 6 strange facts about myself...this is actually harder than I thought....erm.....

1. In my pre-nonsmoking days, my party trick was to smoke a fag using my toes.

2. I have very loose ligaments

3. I like cinema popcorn sweet AND salted - make them layer it in the box - no good half and half - it has to be mixed up. Yum.

4. When I met Rob I had purple hair. Well I say purple - I couldn't find any purple dye so I used the stuff old ladies use to give themselves a rinse - but used tons of it concentrated and left it on for ages....needless to say I looked like a freak.

5. I always sleep naked. And worry, if I'm in a hotel or something, that I'll have to vacate my room or something and be caught naked in public..I have nightmares about it! But I can't wear clothes in bed.

6. When I was a very young child I had three imaginary friends who lived on the ceiling. Their names were Duckboot, Laerdick and Marzipan. It's true - ask Kirsti

Ok - I tag Dix, Zoe, Poppy, Jess and Kirsti (though she hasn't blogged for aaaages).......

Before i realised I got tagged I was going to post lots of pics of Oscar who had his first 99 ice cream to himself today - but I'll do it tomorrow as I'm off to bed now.

Hope you all had lovely Easters

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Broadband problems

Our internet service stopped working on Thursday night which is why I've been a wee bit quiet! Just in case you thought I might be having too much fun to post or doing something far more glamourous....hee hee. I rang 152 to speak to BT customer services only to be met with a recording saying they're all on hols. It wasn't until this morning I tried the automated service which did in fact put me through to a human who wonderfully talked me through fixing it.

I have been having a lovely Easter - hope you have as well. Oz slept over at my Mum's again on Friday night so Rob and I had a pizza, popcorn and plonk night in front of the telly - watched King Kong on DVD (bloody long film!). Saturday we took Oz swimming at Bromley - a very family friendly pool indeed - he had a blast -then thought it must be Christmas cos we took him to McDonalds for lunch so not only did he eat his very first hamburger (we usually go for chicken nuggets) which he LOVED, he got a racing car in his happy meal AND a balloon - one very happy little chap.

Today we had friends round for lunch - Liz and Craig who we met when pregnant - so their little boy Sam is the same age as Oz - they had a great time playing together and we all ended up in the garden playing baseball with Rob's juggling clubs and some plastic balls. I think when I go to Detroit I'm going to get Oz a mini baseball kit - a bat and glove or something -tell me US readers - do they exist? I loved playing softball when I was a kid in Moscow hanging with American friends....and I was on the rounders team at school - like hitting things with a bat! I thought it would be fun to play with Oz - but not in the garden - we ended up hitting a lot of balls into next door's garden and he won't be amused...

Talking of neighbours....I'm going to sound middle aged here but three doors down are having a raucous party in their garden - loud music blaring. Luckily Oz's bedroom is at the front of the house so it won't bother him but it's beginning to bother me....It's only 10pm so we'll see how it goes (who am I kidding - I won't complain! Especially after the last time....)

Right - off to bed to re-read The Red Tent - I read it when it first came out and can't remember much of it - but thought it might be more resonant now I'm a Rob was watching Saw II (sick sick sick) this evening and I kept walking in on the most goriest bits so I want to read something lovely so I don't have scary dreams!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Vexed....with PMT (Though had a lovely day before that!)

Just have to get this out before I get to my lovely day with Lydia and Lesley...on Monday something happened which really annoyed me. Went with Oscar to the soft play place at my gym - I'm a regular there - I'd accidentally washed Oscar's membership card which is cardboard so explained at the desk. The new receptionist who is about 12 and all attitude, basically accused me of lying - saying that most people kept the cards in their plastic wallet so they didn't disintegrate in the wash and that I should have brought the bits in to prove it as anyone could say they'd washed it. She was very rude and when I told her this she was "you want to talk to a manager?" - wiggling her head as she said it. A manager walked past and said she was only doing her job - that if I didn't have the card I'd have to pay the full price - twice what I would normally pay. Oscar was running about like a nutter, desperate to get in to the playplace so I paid it.

Today I fished the pieces out of the bin and once Rob came home, went in to the gym to show her the "evidence". I asked to speak to a manager - who was again, about 12 and had only been there 2 days - covering for someone. He didn't really know what to do. The same girl was on reception and when I told her that I didn't appreciate her attitude, basically looked at me like I was insane. This temporary manager called the guy from yesterday who said that she was only doing her job, that lots of people lose their cards and they can't keep looking up details on the computer and that it's standard policy to pay the full price. I reiterated that it was her attitude and rudeness that I was unhappy about, that I found her quite intimidating - that I'd worked on reception myself and knew how to talk to a CUSTOMER. I was getting nowhere. And getting upset.

Which really pissed me off! Bloody PMT! I don't know why I was getting upset but this girl was really making me angry which in my hormonal state was making me tear up. About nothing. I felt ridiculous getting emotional. I didn't get my money back. I got an apology from the manager, not from the girl. It's really spoiled my evening.

Ok - got that off my chest. Sorry. I'm really not the kind of person to complain - I'm too bloody British and apologise if someone steps on my foot. And this experience reminds me why I rarely make a complaint. I'm crap at it. Can't do confrontation and always think of good things to say 10 minutes after I get home. And like today, often get emotional. Grrrrr. I annoy myself. I wish I hadn't bothered now for all the good it did.


This morning Lesley arrived - having braved a horrible tailback on the A20 - and we went to Greenwich. Saw the planetarium show and had lunch in the Regatta Cafe. Lydia is such a lady - much better table manners than Oz - and can I just publicly say, the best cup control of any toddler I've met so far. She's amazing - didn't spill a drop.

And she taught Oscar too!

We meant to go to to swings but got caught out in the rain - so drove home and gossiped for a while until they had to go.

The kids were reading in Oscar's book corner and having a lovely time....

So a good day to begin with, ending in annoyance and frustration. I've actually had a break mid blog and had dinner and watched a ridiculous TV show called "The Starlet" which has made me feel less stressed. So I'm off to bed early.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Feels like forever

since I made an entry - not just a weekend! Friday night - company lovely, restaurant very disappointing. It's my favourite, sorry WAS my favourite place to go with an all you can eat buffet - but they were awful. My friend Jaquie brought her son Myles who is the same age as Oz. He's severely allergic to egg and we asked with each course whether or not it had egg in it. He hardly ate more than a few bites - like babies do. We ordered some special fried rice and specified REALLY clearly not to put egg in it. The waiter put it on the table saying "no egg". Myles ate a few spoonfuls and Jaquie spotted egg in it. They didn't even apologise. Jaquie was terrified - Myles has reacted really badly to food with egg in it, such as cake etc. but has never actually eaten egg in it's pure form. She gave him antihistamine which she always has with her, but it ruined her evening and she left soon after.

When we got the bill they tried to charge us for a child's buffet - they didn't apologise for the egg incident and seemed nonplussed when we mentioned that our friend was probably going to end up at the hospital with a very sick little boy. NOT impressed at all.

Luckily because he only had a mouthful or two, and because Jaquie was so speedy with the antihystamine, Myles had an itchy mouth but no other symptoms. But it could have been awful. And spoilt our evening.

Weekend now - Saturday we went to PC World to get our new laptop. I know, I know, we're broke - but this is something we signed up to ages ago - the Government's computers at work scheme - Rob basically pays a small amount every month before tax and we got an £800 voucher - so we get a tax free machine. We got a lovely Toshiba laptop which will be flying to America with me as Oscar's personal entertainment system (phew). Plus a couple of data sticks, a dinky little optical wireless mouse and a game for me - Age of Empires delux version (yes I am a nerd) - 4 games in one box . That's why I haven't posted all weekend! Been conquering the world!

Lesley is coming tomorrow with Lydia and we're going to take the little ones to a planetarium show designed for toddlers at the Museum- should be fun.

I'll take pics I promise!

Friday, April 07, 2006

I went to visit a farm one day....

Spent the afternoon at Christmas Tree Farm in Downe - fab day out - here are pics - will post more tomorrow as I'm off out tonight! Yay! Mummies first friday of the month my fave sushi place. And I'm going to get the bus so I can have a glass or two of wine....hoorah!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Bertie!

Rob is 34 today. We first got together on March 27th 1991, just before his 19th birthday. Bit of a headf**** that one - such a long time together!

We both had to work this morning but spent the afternoon in Dulwich Park - we hired a bike with Rob's birthday money - a double seated bike - not a tandem - you sit next to eachother on proper seats and pedal with your legs in front of you. We had a trailer on the back for the wee man.

I made a big birthday "spread" for the boys when we got home - Rob reminisces about Sundays at his Gran's - she used to do a big tea every week and so I recreated it. We had tinned salmon sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, corned beef sandwiches, crisps, pickles and quiche. For afters was Rob's favourite - blancmange (blech), trifle and birthday cake. Needless to say both of them stuffed themselves and Oscar seems to have inherited Rob's second stomach - for puddings only.

Nice day.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A quiet day (thank goodness)

Yes - a quietish slightly dull day but I ain't complaining! We went to our local library in the morning for songs and nursery rhymes. Oz lost the plot when he didn't want to play ring a ring a rosies but it didn't last long. Went to Gea's for tea as usual- lovely.

Oz didn't eat lunch (wasn't interested in anything) but slept for 2 hours which gave me time to get lots of car insurance quotes. Every time I decide to nap when he naps he only sleeps for about an hour - when I do something else even when I'm tired, he always sleeps for ages! Sods law.

I roasted a chicken this afternoon while Oz played with next door's cat in the garden. The evil frogspawn is more like jelly now as the water evaporates from it - still enough for Rob to get rid of tomorrow. He's home tomorrow! YAY!

Oz watched Baby Einstein for ages too this afternoon - he's obsessed with Baby Newton I think it is - the one about shapes. Very useful. Gave me time to get all the meat off the chicken so I could make Chicken Amore - my mission for the day.

But by the time I'd done bathtime, read my email, tidied up a bit and started cooking, I didn't have it cooked until about 10 minutes ago. It's easy but takes a lot of pre-cooking ingredients. A bit late for my dinner. I've had a small bowlful which was hard as I wanted to stuff my face with it - it's lovely - but if I eat too much this time of night, I have indigestion all night.

So here's the recipe if you want it. I hate spicy food - I like aromatic food but anything hot or chilified puts me off - even though there's curry powder in this, it isn't hot at all. I hope Oz likes it cos I made a ton! This is my Mum's recipe and it's a wierd mixture of lbs and grams! And mls - I used Oscar's medicine spoon to measure out the lemon juice and curry. I didn't use that quantity of chicken - 3lbs is a lot! I used a medium chicken from Sainsbury's worth.

Chicken Amore

300g fusilli pasta
3lb cooked diced chicken
7 level tbsps mayonnaise
2 tins cream of chicken soup NOT condensed
15 mls lemon juice

15mls grated lemon rind
½ red pepper cut into strips
5 mls curry powder (can add more to taste if you want it spicy)
1 clove garlic crushed
500g brocolli - blanched
grated cheese to top

Cook noodles. Toss in oil to stop them sticking. Mix soup, mayo, lemon, pepper, curry powder and garlic. Add pasta and chicken and mix. Poke broccoli into dish evenly and cover with sauce. Grated cheese on top. Gas Mark 4 until hot and bubbling. (about 40 minutes)

Enjoy! I'll dig out that Chicken Congo recipe if anyone still wants it.....

Monday, April 03, 2006

A much better day

Thank you - as always - for your encouraging and lovely comments. I'm going to endeavour to not winge in this post to make a change!!!

I got to bed nice and early last night and Oz, bless him, didn't wake up till 7.40. Hoorah! So I feel more rested. We had a nice morning, had to get ready to be out early and drop the car off at the garage by 9am. I was a bit worried actually but luckily my friends Nicky and Julie also planned to be in Bromley that day. Cos we were in so early I had the bright idea of going to the local library and having a book sesh with Oz - he was very happy running around and reading. We met up with the others at 10 and wandered for an hour - then went to Starbucks. Oz was being good up until that point and lasted about 20 minutes before losing the plot - but I had time for a lovely skinny mocha and skinny blueberry muffin.

I went for a walk with Oscar to stop him ruining everyone else's coffee break - went to a couple of charity shops and picked up some bargain books - really new titles for £1.50 each. And a book for Oz to keep him quiet.

Bought him a sausage roll and then he conked out in the pushchair. Julie and I had a lovely lunch in Miso (where I should have had lunch with Mum and Dad yesterday) and a really good chat in peace. Oz woke up as we left and Julie gave us a lift home. Hoorah again!

Oz spent most of the afternoon in the garden -the spawn is still there but I put him in his waterproof trousers and jacket - I thought I'll just hose him off if he gets covered in it! He was happily playing with next door's cat for nearly an hour - giving me a bit of time to do the washing and stuff. AND phone Rob - finally managed to get hold of him at 7.30am his time. Was really lovely to talk to him and Oscar had great fun saying "pop" down the phone. Don't know if he's americanising his name for his Daddy or just saying the word cos he likes it!

My mum came round and minded Oz while I took the 2 buses to get the car. It was only (!) £300 which was better than I expected - full service, MOT and repairs to the bumper. We're already in money troubles this month so I've booked an appointment with my accountant (Mum) to go through our bank statement and work out where the money is going and how to stop us haemorrhaging money each month. Time to stop overspending and really tighten our belts. I'm dreading it but I need to do it - I'm so rubbish with money!

Oz didn't beat me up at bath-time - I managed to distract him when he did start to hit - I don't think he means to - he just gets a bit giddy when he's tired.

So tonight he got his 2 stories, his milk and his song and although I can hear he's still awake, he's quite quiet. I feel much better about it. I hated last night - felt really down (as you could have told from the entry).

So I can cope on my own. I'm going to cook a pork chop for my tea (Rob hates pork so it's an opportunity for me to have a yummy dinner I wouldn't normally get). And watch Desperate Housewives from last week which my lovely mum taped for me.

No plans for tomorrow yet but at least I have a car in good nick again.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

It's wierd you know. I've been away from Rob a lot - since Oscar was born as well - and every time I've missed him but never this much. You see I was always the one going off to do something (usually with Oscar in tow)- visit Kirsti, film something....I think this is only the second time PostOz that he's left us.

And it's really hard! I haven't managed to get a thing done this weekend - all the usual weekend washing and chores and stuff - because I'm sole carer and Oscar just won't let me. He's not exactly clingy but he likes you to watch him do stuff or sit next to him while he does something. And he grabs you or pushes you to get you to go where he wants....we had a huge tantrum this morning - we went out into the garden - I was trying to knacker him out (he was up at 6) and thought a kick about with the ball would do it. We used to have a pond in our garden - had it filled in over the winter. There have been a lot of frogs in the garden but I didn't think much of it. The little f***ers have laid frog spawn all over the grass - almost outlining where the pond used to be. It's gross. And bloody sticky! I've been trying to shovel it off the grass but it won't budge without taking half the lawn with it. So I was trying to keep Oz down the non spawny end - and the ball out of the goo......he wasn't happy. So I retreated to my Mother's house. We were supposed to be meeting for a yummy lunch out with my Dad who is home for the weekend. Instead we had a few hours this morning playing in her garden and kitchen and when Oz started to get grumpy I brought him home. And had a tin of beans for my lunch instead.

My mum has been fantastic. She came round again this afternoon for about 40 minutes and enabled me to hang one load of washing out, do another, load and run the dishwasher and make soup. I'm knackered.

Bath time tonight was really horrible. Oz has slept today - only an hour - but was very overtired and excitable at bath time. We were doing ok until teeth cleaning. He was asking for Daddy all the time, then threw the toothbrush and paste at my head and started hitting me.

A lot.

And hard.

I stopped him - did the usual warning, stern voice, eye contact. Then held him in my arms with his hands pinned down (like they do on Tiny Tearaways) and ignored him for a minute. Then asked him to say sorry. He did - then hit me again. So I did it again for a minute. No effect.

So instead of the protracted bedtime routine - 2 books, a cuddle, milk, twinkle twinkle little star....I just put him in his sleeping bag and said goodnight. And shut the door. I planned to wait 5 minutes till we both calmed down. He screamed for a bit then went to sleep. When I went back in after 5 minutes I stroked his head and told him I loved him and goodnight but he was barely awake. Not a peep since.

I have tried to call Rob 3 times and am now on chattable terms with the receptionist at Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City - don't know where he is but I got an email saying he had arrived so will try him again tomorrow. I'm going to bed now.....

I don't know how single parents do it. I don't appreciate enough how much Rob does. Well I do - but you don't really know what you've got till he's gone.....

2 more nights.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Car trouble....and a trip to town

BAD BAD day yesterday. Wasn't too bad in the morning except I got a call from Rob confirming that he would be going to Utah and not on Sunday but on Saturday. Which blew my plans for Saturday (more later).

I was picking Oz up from Louise's house - drove into her private car park - very narrow passageway into a teeny car park - no space to park - or to turn around - so I had to reverse out again. I HATE reversing. I'm totally crap at it - always have been - I turn the wheel the wrong way, I hate going backwards. I get it out of the passageway (there's only about 2 inches clearance on each side) and am relieved and turn the car to go out onto the road - and the next thing I know, there's a crunch and a scratching sound and the front of my car falls off. I have NO idea how I did it. I didn't seem to hit anything but I must have done. The whole bumper came off, complete with number plate.

I didn't know what to do! I pulled over to the side of the road and picked up the bumper...getting some sniggers from ever so helpful passing traffic....then rang my Mum! She suggested I park the car in a car park nearby - put the bumper in Louise's car park and go get Oscar. Eventually Sue her friend with a hatchback, came and got the bumper and I drove to Mum's house with Oz. There was something dragging on the front wheel so I wasn't happy to drive home - I rang my breakdown cover who took an hour to come out. They towed me home - Oz was very excited to be in a lorry.....Mum took pics.

It took all afternoon to get it sorted - I originally was going to claim it on my insurance - I have a protected no claims bonus - but didn't in the end and my local garage who are amazing fixed the front back on temporarily and I'm booked in for a service on Monday.

God knows how much it will cost. Oscar was difficult too - especially at the garage - so many deadly and dangerous things to try and play with....

I was shattered last night but still went out to Biggin Hill for Alison's birthday meal. It was lovely and I'm really glad I went - great food, great company. Happy Birthday Al - know you're not having a brill one but lots of love from us anyway.

So on to today....Rob was supposed to be childminding as my friend Andrea had free tickets to the Ideal Home Show. I've always wanted to go...but now I had no childcare - no one could help - my Mum was out all I took Oscar! Bonkers. He wasn't as bad as he could have been - we travelled up to town on the same train as Mum so she kept him amused. He went to sleep at Victoria then woke up once we'd arrived at Earls Court. He lost it a few times....I had my colours read (by choosing a little bottle with coloured water in - very interesting - more another time) and he wouldn't sit still for me to listen. He didn't want to be in the buggy but didn't want to walk.....I managed to see a bit of the show and get a few free samples of cheese and alcohol. I was determined not to spend any money but I did buy some fudge, and a bottle of the most amazing Irish Cream Praline liqueur - like drinking alcoholic liquidized ferrero rocher.

So that's my next few nights sorted!

We left Andrea to it at 3pm - we'd only been there about 2 hours but Oz had had enough. He was fine on the train on the way home and fell asleep in the car. I'm about to wake him up so he sleeps tonight. I'm so tired and I'm all on my own for a few days so I need a good night's sleep tonight.

I treated myself to one more thing - there's a wasabi sushi stand at Victoria (there used to be only one in London at Charing Cross so it was a pleasant surprise to find it today)- you can choose your own sushi - it's £1 per 2 pieces and it's yummy - so that's my dinner - sushi followed by alcohol. Yum!

Right - off to wake the munchkin!