Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just to add to my day....and to the car's....

WARNING - DO NOT READ IF SQUEAMISH. Or if you don't have kids....

Car treat No 1.

Oscar did the most almighty poo in his nappy. So large in fact that it rose triumphantly out of his nappy, up his back like a 6 month old baby's might and all over his car seat. The consistency of slightly melted ice cream. Joy.

Cleaned, dettoled.

Car Treat No 2.

On the way to Gambado Toby puked. Seriously projectiley entire stomach contents vom. All over himself, the carseat, the blanket in between him and Oscar and all down the side of the seat crack...

Gambado Treat 1.
Whilst holding Toby he puked again - for his stomach is enormous - all over me. All down my front. Orangey puke.

I stink. The car stinks. I'm having a day off tomorrow even if Toby pukes all night because I would have to deal with it if it wasn't my birthday so Rob will have to deal with it tomorrow.

Kids.....remind me again why?

Yesterday.....and tomorrow....

Yesterday - NIGHTMARE! Sunday night I stayed up (whoo hoo) till 10.30 to watch Da Vinci Code on Sky Movies. I quite enjoyed it. Went to sleep around 11 and then....brace yourself....Toby woke at 12, 2...Oscar woke at 3 then 4. Toby woke at 4.30, then 5.30 when I finally took him into bed. That has to be the worst night ever.

Rob didn't go to work until 9 so I could sleep in a little. Oz was a little toad all morning - bit Toby again, was generally obnoxious - I spent the whole morning shouting at him or putting him on Time Out.....Then my ANGEL mother took Oscar off my hands at lunchtime. Toby slept in the car on the way home from Mum's and I was hoping he'd stay that way. Screamed his head off when I got him out of his carseat. And continued to do so for an hour. I took him to bed with me at 2.30, stuck a boob in his gob and we both woke up at 4.45!!! Result!

So I felt human again....

Today has been nice - been to Bromley this morning with Clare and pottered around. Going to Gambado with Oz this afternoon so I can have a meeting with my magazine boss.

And tomorrow....drum roll please....is my day off! It's my birthday. I have the whole day. I was hoping to find a hotel which let you in during the day - doesn't seem to exist - someone please invent one - cos that would be perfect - go up to town..check in...go out to coffee/lunch - go back to hotel room and slob out and sleep or have a bath....go out again...go back to hotel for final rest then go home for 7pm....

Can't find one though. So I might go to my Mum's in the morning and sleep on her Tempur mattress then head into town. Hit Kulu Kulu for sushi and potter round Oxford Street. It's my birthday you see so I'm going to spoil myself by being ALL BY MYSELF! (Those who know me well know that this would normally be my idea of hell- hate being alone - but now....god...I can't wait!)

Ok - here's a pic of Oscar who has finished Harry Potter and says he liked it but it was a bit slow in the middle.

And here's a pic of Toby laughing his ass off....(and Rob's nekkid chest just for the ladeez)

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'd forgotten....

what a pain in the arse....(literally for Toby) teething is. He's feverish. Sore bum. Whiny, wingy and clingy.

And today Oz decided to channel beelzebub whilst at Gambado. I was getting filthy looks from at least 6 parents as he hit, pushed and headbutted everyone. I timed him out. I took away his snack. I told him I'd thrown his favourite film (Dinosaur) in the bin.

Nope. Nothing doing. He's been totally obnoxious all day. One of those days when you DON'T enjoy your children at all.

Read a fantastic article that my mum clipped for me - and I found it online - go read it here and feel better about your parenting....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Should I be worried?

This is Oscar's new favourite song. He insists on it playing on a loop in the car. He calls it "my song" and says it's all about him....I keep trying to explain that it's a song about being a girl but he's adamant. He loves it....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch This!

Toby has found his voice....


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oscar vs Toby...round 2....ding ding.....

We went to a bbq this afternoon at a friends house - lots of people (most of whom we didn't know), lots of kids (all older than Oscar), a paddling pool in the garden.....

We arrived as the heavens opened in a torrential thunderstorm that lasted about as long as it took to get us all soaked getting out of the car....

Oscar insisted on going swimming in the pool but we didn't have a swim nappy so he went commando - and crapped on the lawn. Joy. He was quite good most of the time - until about 6pm when the demons possess him.

Toby was in the living room - most people had gone and it was just a few people left - people we knew really well and it was lovely. Toby was on the floor on his belly - and then by rolling over and over from back to front to back, (something he's never done before) managed to get across teh whole room and under the coffee table. It was fantastic.

Oscar decided to join him under there.....and then bit him. Bit Toby's fingers so hard.....Toby was screaming in pain and we couldn't get under the table to stop Oz. We were both shouting at him but he just bit harder....

Eventually we got him out. Toby screamed for about 5 minutes - real pain - his fingers were bruised......

Oscar was timed out. He also screamed. At this point the friends who didn't have children are thanking their lucky stars....

Rob was SO stressed. He doesn't enjoy social situations anyway, he isn't smoking, he couldn't speak to anyone really because he was supervising Oscar and there were a lot of Christians there. His idea of hell really.

So we're home - Oz went to bed with no story and no Muthy (his constant monkey companion). Toby calmed down and has gone down fine. I'm just going to tiptoe around until Bert de-stresses. And maybe watch Big Brother in the kitchen to give him a bit of peace.....


Friday, July 13, 2007

My new favourite Toby photo

Isn't he lovely?

Cinema went okish....Oz, even though he's a telly addict, hasn't got the attention span for a movie yet - and what with the trailers and everything....Rob had to take him out in the middle for a run around the foyer. Fab film though. Toby is frighteningly like the baby ogres - they are even ginger - Rob is in photoshop mode so watch this space....

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yes I am still alive! Moxie - sorry I missed your call and thank you for your comment - kicked my arse and got me here to blog.

We've been a bit ill - well I have and then Rob was - stomach bug. Started on Sunday when we were at Legoland - that was fun - and I was in bed most of Monday when no on the toilet (sorry if tmi). Rob got it yesterday. It didn't last long. But I seem to have had no time to get online in the last few days...and I've been doing work for magazine in the evening which has taken my blogging time away....

So Legoland - went on Sunday -the first hot sunday in days...so it was PACKED! So many people. We had fun - Oscar played in the water and went on a few rides - but the queues were SO long he lost patience quickly. To be honest, it's so expensive, he has just as much fun in ordinary free parks we go to. Our tickets entitle us to another visit so we'll go one more time - but when he's older I think he'll appreciate it more. He got really tired but wouldn't sleep in the McLaren so by about 3pm we were all ready to go. Here are some pics.

Toby had his first taste of ice cream at Legoland - Rob had him in the Wilkinet sling and was eating a Magnum - Toby grabbed his hand and lunged....and LOVED it....

Rob has had this week off - we haven't done much - tidied up the house which was good - I was ill on Monday, Rob was ill yesterday. We also have a mouse - so we've got to get a mousetrap I don't want a humane one as it will just come back I think...and those sticky paper ones are grim - I don't want to have to bludgeon it to death - so an old fashioned snappy trap is for us. (sorry for those who feel I'm cruel - I just want it dead and gone).

This afternoon we're taking Oz to the cinema for the first time since he was a baby and I took him to Big Scream sessions - we're going to see Shrek. Could be a nightmare....we'll see. I'll try and get back and let you know!

Mox - I'll try and give you a ring really soon - where does the bloody time go?

Friday, July 06, 2007

We survived!

Had a bad night with Toby - he was up every 2 hours again from 10. No idea why. So I took him to bed with me (sod it) at 5.30 and we slept till 7.30. Got up and started packing stuff to take with us on the great adventure. Brollies, waterproofs, food for toby, snacks for Oz and juice, nappies etc. etc. etc.

So we set out nice and early - aiming to meet Nicky at the station and catch the 9.53. At 9.45 there was no Nicky so I rang my answerphone at home to double check. There was a message - timed at 7.15 am - before we were up - saying she was ill and couldn't make it. I was torn. I was scared enough to do this with Nicky and her kids with us - on my own with them? But Oz was so excited so off we went.

Train ride was good - lots of looking out of windows though we had to stand the whole way as it was packed. We got off at Charing Cross and the main way to the footbridge was shut so we had to go down the escalators and go under the bridge and get on the other side. Crossing 2 main roads - Oz was a dream. Here he is on the bridge.
Admiring the London Eye and Big Ben
There's a little park at the bottom of the London Eye - Oz had a blast on the ropes
Toby chilled (literally - I didn't put enough layers on him - the weather was hot one minute, windy as hell the next)
Oz on the swings (nearly killed myself running round the front to get this pic after I'd pushed him!)
After a long negotiation and promises of chocolate, I managed to get him out of the park and we walked back to the bridge - encountering a busker who Oscar worshipped. Stood there for 3 rather crap Elton John covers which Oz applauded vigorously. The busker was very happy with Oz! Oscar kept saying "well done man! Great playing".

Then we crossed over the bridge again, bought Oz a sandwich and some chocolate mousse - I managed to sneak into Wasabi the takeaway sushi place (hoorah) and we went and sat in Embankment Gardens on the deckchairs for lunch. Oz was tired!

To his great joy there was a whole blooming orchestra setting up - the of Oregon Ambassadors of Music it said on their jackets. A huge full size orchestra on a small stage - you can't really see on the pic - so we spotted all the different instruments while eating lunch. We had to leave before they really got going but Oz applauded their warm up octaves. And then as we left he insisted on going right up to the front of the stage and saying goodbye to the conductor (for those of you who've heard my childhood story - remind you of anyone?)

He was an angel. We got the train back to Catford Bridge, he fell asleep on the bus but woke up enough to walk home. I was EXHAUSTED. But Toby, who had slept for a large chunk of the morning, wasn't about to give me a nap. So we had a lazy afternoon playing cars and watching CBeebies.

I'd certainly do it again - I've been putting off going on trips like that because Oscar used to run away and wouldn't walk with me or hold my hand. But he did all day today.

We're off to Legoland on Sunday - what a mad few days! And Rob is off from Tuesday - Friday next week so watch this space for more Edwards Family outings! I'm going to have a bubble bath now (it's 8pm) and although I really want to watch Big Brother tonight as I have no idea who is going, I'm going to bed early with the Memory Keeper's Daughter to read.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

And the result?

Toby slept till 3.30 last night (hooray). He woke up again at 5.30 and, as agreed, Rob went in to try and settle him instead of me taking him into bed.

At 6.30 I went in to the room and told Rob to forget it and go back to bed and got up with him myself (boo).....I didn't expect it to be that easy! I'll try again tonight - am going to bed extra early as I think I'll be up at 5ish again tomorrow.

A bad thing happened today. As Rob was having a lie in I took Oz to nursery in the car. Our routine is that we stop at the Tesco Express to get a croissant on the way. As I was at the checkout I looked out to the forecourt to check on the boys - to see Oscar waving something green over Toby's head. As I walked to the car I saw what it was and what he was doing. It was a board book. And he was hitting Toby over the head with it. Repeatedly.

I was furious. Toby had 2 red marks on his forehead and one under each eye. I almost smacked Oz round the head with the book. I drove to nursery and dropped him off making it very clear that I was furious with him.

Toby was screaming the whole time. He calmed down on the drive home and I couldn't stop cuddling him for ages. I know it's bound to happen. I know my sister has scars I gave her - and I have some she gave me. But it was horrible. I was so angry.

Apart from that it's been a good day - with Rob home I got to have a nap at lunchtime to compensate for being up since 5.30. I didn't go to bed early last night - I stayed up reading the latest Armistead Maupin book -
A total joy. I fell in love with Tales of the City when I read it at University. Loved the mini series - Laura Linney will always be Mary Anne to me and Olympia Dukakis - amazing. I've waited 20 years for this - like being reunited with old friends. I read it in a day - yesterday every spare second I had, I read it - and stayed up late reading it. If you are a drag queen trapped in a woman's body like I am and like slightly trashy but emotionally wonderful books, I highly recommend Mr Maupin . Maybe The Moon, another of his books - is also a favourite.

Toby ate well again today - spinach pasta for lunch, some leftover spinach pasta for dinner plus a little jar of baked beans and bacon to make sure he was full. Oz hasn't been too bad for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow - we're going on an adventure....Oz has got better walking with me, walking holding my hand or the buggy. So we're testing it tomorrow. Going up to town with my friend Nicky whose kids are the same age as Oz and Toby - getting the bus to the station, train to Charing Cross, walking over the bridge across the river next to the trains to look at the boats, then lunch at Wagamamas and train home. All with Oscar on foot. So cross your fingers. I'm alternately excited and terrified. I have visions of him falling off the bridge into the Thames. I'm going to have him on reins just in case. But he has to learn to walk with me and the buggy. And Nicky's son Callan is really good at it so he'll set an example. Hopefully.....it will be a good day!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A good day...fingers crossed for tonight

So Toby had a bad night on Tuesday and then yesterday all day he was really whiny. I went to Bromley in the morning to do some shopping and meet my friends for coffee - he wouldn't settle, wouldn't sleep or feed so I had to leave the coffee and walk round with him in the buggy -he was whiny and clingy all afternoon too. I forgot to bring any lunch for him so breastfed him. I think that might have been the problem And he had a big dinner of chicken and sweet potato and 2 petits filous.

And he slept well again - woke up at 3. (Course he woke up again at 5 after that and wouldn't really settle back down so I was knackered today but that's another story -see below).

So today I made sure I fed him at lunchtime. Went to the gym and swam with Clare - then fed Toby in a highchair in the cafe - he looked so grown up! Then picked Oz up and they both - shock of shocks - went to sleep in their beds at THE SAME TIME!!! Of course Toby only slept for half an hour but I got loads done - he's quite a light sleeper and usually sleeps in the swing downstairs or his baby bjorn chair - and I have to tiptoe around him. Today he was upstairs I got loads of cleaning done and tidied up.

When he did wake up after 30 minutes he sat in front of Baby Mozart for 2 rotations so I could finish doing my chores and stuff.

Oz woke up at 3 - my new boss came round from the magazine with her daughter who is a bit older than Oz - they bonded instantly over Peppa Pig so Abigail and I could do some work.

For dinner Toby had a big bowl of pasta with spinach in cheese sauce - I whipped up a batch yesterday - his first pasta - and he loved it. Oz had scrambled egg and bacon - one of his favourites for either sunday breakfast or dinner in the week.

Toby has been really good and smiley - he had a power nap this afternoon - I just feel really in control of them both today and really happy. I got stuff done. They had nice days. They both slept and ate well. All is good. I need to make sure I always have lunch for Toby on me - I think that was the key to the difference in his behaviour today.

Rob hasn't smoked since Sunday. Another thing to be happy about. Let's hope this good feeling lasts the night!

The 5am thing - I think he's got into the habit of waking at 5, getting a cuddle from me and then getting taken into our bed. I've been doing it because I'm so tired and if I pop the boob in his mouth then he dozes off again and we both doze fitfully until 7. Now this morning he didn't need feeding but was definitely using me as a dummy. So I'm going to try and break this habit and settle him back in his cot in the early hours and if he won't settle I'm going to wake Rob up so he can do it. And stop bringing him into our bed. It's lovely to snuggle but it means I don't get much sleep from 5am onwards and he should sleep longer too.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Protein my arse....

For dinner Toby had Annabel Karmel's fish in orange sauce. And ate a lot. And had fruit puree for pud.

He woke at 11, 1, 4 and 5.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Hoorah for protein!

Last night Toby ate a hefty portion of chicken breast whizzed up with pea and parsnip puree that I'd made before and frozen. I wasn't sure if he'd like the texture so put a lot of milk with it to make it smooth. He scoffed a load.

He woke up at 3am only. Then at 6.15 was cooing in his cot so I brought him into bed and he slept until 8.

I feel like a new woman! Although I have a stinking cold - have had NO voice all weekend.

This weekend was party central - one on Saturday in Chessington which was fab but took 2 hours to get there and 2 and a half to get back - eek! It was worth it though to see my friend Joanne who I don't see enough of.

Sunday was Jack's party in Biggin Hill - best cake ever and lovely to see Al again - I don't see enough of her either. Where has my social life gone? I suppose it's with people going back to work.....

I've had to postpone my singing debut for Tippee Toes due to the fact I can hardly speak, let alone sing....but hopefully will start again next week. Have been doing lots of work for the magazine which is cool. And may have the prospect of a proper job - jobsharing with a friend. But not sure yet so watch this space.

I bought a load of chicken and fish and will be consulting Ms Karmel today and making Toby a lot of protein filled food - fish in orange sauce, one pot chicken, lentils - you name it - the boy is going to get it!

(Oh can't wait for the day when I can just bung him a fish finger!)