Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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I haven't taken a picture today and am inspiration free so thought I'd post this - I've bean meaning to since I started the cemetery series. I mean NO disrespect posting this here - please believe me. One of the things I love doing at the cemetery is reading the names, rediscovering old names, realising how many older names like Ada or Emily are still popular today.....

This is my favourite name I've found there. I have an image of a sweet faced lady with a name that in the 1920's was nothing interesting....but now makes me smile! How some old names are still alive and others are not! And Fanny always makes me think of Fanny Brice and that makes me think of Funny Girl and that makes me smile.

So please believe I mean no disrespect in sharing this - I'm not mocking the dead - I'm just smiling.....maybe one day when I'm gone, someone will smile at my name and remember it. Who knows.....

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