Monday, March 28, 2011


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I'm trying to be a bit more inventive with family meals - relying less on ready meals and processed food - and more on home made stuff. Unfortunately this doesn't always make sticking to a Weightwatchers diet easy - whatever they may say to sell their cookbooks, their recipes aren't tasty.....but i'm trying to cook healthily and low fat - if not necessarily low point.....

So I shopped cleverly and bought a giant pack of lean steak mince. Fried half of it with onion, leek, carrot and mushrooms. Added a pinch of cinnamon (it's a Delia Smith suggestion and it really works), put flour in the pan and stirred it in, added beef stock and brought to the boil for a few minutes. I mashed potato and parsnip with low fat creme fraiche and topped the mixture. I put a small sprinkling of low fat cheese on top and baked until brown and bubbling.

Oscar ate every scrap and asked if we could have it every Monday. Toby wouldn't touch it and only ate one mouthful (with much tears and screaming) to get his pudding. I am fed up with Toby's picky eating - he's got to start eating what we are. It's my main reason for making family meals this week - am fed up with making one meal for the kids, one for Rob and one for costs too much and it's too much faff.....

I'm happy with the pie!

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mybabyjohn said...

I have a grandson that's picky like that...dinner time is drama time with that kid around. I just make what I'm going to make. If he gets hungry enough he'll find something on his plate he can eat. Your pie looks fabulous.