Wednesday, March 02, 2011


61/365, originally uploaded by sally_re.

The more I look and edit the photos I took at the Graveyard, the more I think I might like to have that as a theme for March....but is that morbid? Especially since I've just experienced death so closely?

Don't know...seems like it's around so much at the moment. A colleague of my husbands lost his sister yesterday - she was killed in a freak accident - a car ploughed into a bus stop and she was waiting for a bus with her son.

One thing I have really learnt through all of this is that life is fleeting, precious. In the midst of life, we ARE in death. And the graveyard opposite my house is a daily reminder but also a beautiful one.

So for now, I'm concentrating on the stonework I've photographed and am continuing to photograph at the cemetary.

Might be morbid. But it's inspiring me.

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