Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wednesday = Weigh in

Weds is my Weightwatchers last week I lost 10.5lbs due to gastric flu. This week I put on 7. Which is ok really because I'm thinking that I lost 3.5lbs over 2 weeks which is on target. But I'm still a bit peeved.

I'm with
Zoe at the moment in that I really really want a pizza. Papa Johns are evil and put a menu through my door which I made the mistake of drooling over and now all I want to eat are garlic cheesesticks.

Both my boys are in bed and it's only 8.30. DH came home with a splitting headache so went to bed at the same time as Oz.

Talking of the munchkin -he slept through again last night! Yay baby! Went down at 7.30, we woke him as we do at 11pm to feed him, he woke up at 6.45. Not bad eh? Now ideally I want him to sleep till 7.30/8ish. But hell - he's doing so well - up until this week he would wake at least twice. And when I was breastfeeding I'd be feeding him at least twice and getting very broken sleep.

Now I keep waking up and listening for him but I get back to sleep quickly.

So I don't know whether to go to bed myself now and snuggle my sleeping man....or stay up and watch whatever I want to on TV.....hmmm.....

Bed is calling with a good book (I'm soooooo dull now I'm a mother)

Sleep tight all out there.....dream of pizza

1 comment:

zoe xx said...

Yay Oscar!

Sally - you should be watching tv - Jamie's Dinners and then Desperate Housewives babe!

I think that the weight gain was inevitable, after all gastric flu isn't a great method of weight loss, you would be so weak if your body hadn't made it up, so good pragmatic attitude!

I could easily still eat a fabulous pizza right now....