Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A good day for me....

but a bad day for a friend of mine. S has a baby girl about 3 weeks older than Oscar and was also pregnant - 12 weeks pregnant, with her second. She went for her nuchal scan today only to be told the baby had died at 8 weeks. She'd had spotting, just like I had when pregnant with Oz, and had had a scan at 7 weeks and all had seemed well.

I feel awful for her. Although this baby wasn't planned she was really happy about it. I saw her last week and she was so excited to find out what sex it was. And I'm due to see her tomorrow. We meet every Wednesday. I don't know what to say to her - just hug her I suppose. In a way it's a blessing that she has her daughter - she won't have time to dwell and hide away.

We had a really nice day today. Apart from hearing the bad news. Oz had his swimming lesson this morning - he's still not a great kicker. He lies on his back in the water and tries to eat his feet.....

Then I had a conference call with my old boss about doing some research work for him from home to earn some money. And also to start working on organising a conference for 2006 for him too - again working from home.

Then my friend L and I went out to lunch - noodles yummmm- Oscar was an angel and slept all the way through lunch and a wander round the shops - woke up when we got home in time for his feed.

I haven't fed him as much today - I think that was all the puking was.....he'd stuffed himself! He had fish pie today. I've bought some more sweet potatoes too so I can make up a batch of chicken and tato pie for his highness.

So a bittersweet day. I'll be hugging my baby extra tight tonight. Sending sparkle and light out to send the baby that would have been sweetly on it's way to the stars.

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Poppymom said...

I'm so sorry about your friends loss. I hope you got a chance to give her a big hug.