Saturday, February 19, 2005

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But that seems like FOREVER ago! Now he's nearly 6 months old and he's amazing. But it's hard. So hard. Harder than I ever ever thought. He doesn't sleep through- never has. He was breastfed until about 2 weeks ago when he took himself off - he wasn't interested anymore. Last night I managed not to feed him at all in the night - he woke up twice and both times I got him back to sleep without a bottle. It's so much harder when you can't just whap a boob in his mouth - you have to warm a bottle, mix a now I know he's getting enough food during the day, there's no way he's getting MORE at night. Now I just have to work out how to get the little sod to stay asleep! He's sitting up on his own as you can see from the photo down the bottom. He blows raspberries at me. He smiles at everyone but especially at his daddy. I don't want to bore you completely but I'll post some more pictures.


Poppymom said...

His hair's so red! I love it!

jess said...

Oh, he's changed so much! I hadn't seen the incubator picture since August - I remember so clearly seeing it the first time.

zoe xx said...

You describe him so well, I feel like I really know him already! What a lovely boy!

Trust me - you will come out the other side of this not sleeping through business, before you know where you are you'll be having a debate with him about what cucumber is made from (my lunchtime conversation with A today.)