Saturday, February 19, 2005

The blog I aspire to

My friend Poppy is amazing. She inspired me to start this blog as hers is totally amazing - go there and be in awe.... - If I could be one tenth as witty, I'd consider myself proud....

She's someone I met online and she's my soul sistah! - an example of her generosity...when I was pregnant in May I went to Detroit for my baby shower (my sister lives there - more about her later). Poppy, who lives in St Louis, drove ALL the way to Detroit with her 3 month old daughter and then cooked an entire thanksgiving dinner for my shower. Why? Because I'd always wanted to eat true American thanksgiving so she made it happen in May for me - while juggling her own baby and her own life.

She's truly one of life's angels. And she's also bloody funny so her blog is a joy to read.

I'm hoping I can follow her lead!


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Poppymom said...

Love you too, Sal! This post is entirely too sweet of you.