Saturday, February 19, 2005

I've finally succumbed

HELLO WORLD many people I know are doing these blog things. I resisted...told myself I don't have the time...but then again, I've always wanted to journal my life and never managed to do it on cyberspace may be the way forward.

I will do my damndest to keep this up to date and regular. So bear with me.

Where the hell do I start!!!

Ok. I'm Sally. I live in London, England. I'm an actor ( - it's hopelessly out of date!). I'm a mother. I've been the former for longer than I can remember, I've been the latter since August and it seems like forever.

I've got a little boy called Oscar and he's amazing. Totally amazing. And exhausting. I'm trying to work out how to attach a picture so bear with me..... He was born on August 24th 2004 and I'll write the birth story here one day....

I've just got a job on the Basil Brush show ( an English icon is Basil Brush - a cheeky, slightly camp fox...I'm going to be playing an ex-olympic wrestling champion who goes insane. I get all the glamorous jobs.

Ok - for a first post this is going to be it so I can see how it looks.....

Bear with me. I promise to try and be more interesting soon!


Poppymom said...

Hooray Sal! So, so glad to see you jumping on the bandwagon! Can't wait to see what you've got to say.

Love you!

kara said...

welcome to the blogging world, sal! :)