Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The downside of dieting

I'm a comfort eater. And even though I'm doing the all new Weightwatchers diet which has lots of helpful tips with their 10 winning habits one of which IS comfort eating, I'm still craving carbs at the moment.

It sucks being on a diet. And I know that technically I could have whatever I want as long as I count the points, it's not the same as being able to dive headfirst into a fresh white loaf of bread and smother it in butter. Which is what I really want to do. I think I have PMT.

I also seem to be a sucker for advertising. If I see a certain food advertised, or even read about it or hear someone talk about it, I immediately want it. I was reading the wonderful Chubby Girl Brigade and the writer is talking about a shopping trip - now I always say if i lived in the States I would be enormous as they have the BEST food. Reading about her impulse buys made me want tater tots. Now I haven't a bloody clue what these things are. But I want them. Now.

I have an impulse control problem! Good job I don't live in the US....

Ok - Oscar is winging. He's in his crib and should be asleep by now.....I'll go cuddle him a bit.

This post was getting pointless anyway!


zoe xx said...

I think I infact left a comment to that effect on the Chubby Girl's Brigade blog - thank the good Lord I don't live in the US - I too would be a million stone in weight.

Tonight I could have murdered a pizza from the takeaway, but I had beef burritos from the WW Eating out at home cookbook (have you got it? I'd recommend it!) instead - I do feel better but I know what you mean about the warm bread and butter - make mine a baguette!


Kristina said...

Tater tots rock.

This Girl I Used to Know said...

If I had some kind of freezer-envelope or package, I would send you some tater tots. Truly, they are the best things ever!

jess said...

I'll take the bread and butter over tater tots any day!

Poppymom said...

Sal, you would absolutely, positively love Tater Tots. They are such a Sal food.

Have you been to Sonic (http://www.sonicdrivein.com) during any of your Stateside visits? Oh, you would so love Sonic. They have the most wonderful, super-crispy and salty tater tots. Such incredibly yummy, terrible junk food.

Thanks a lot, Sal. Now I want a chili dog and tater tots.