Monday, February 21, 2005

A quiet day really.....

Not much to report. Oscar woke 3 times in the night last night (GGRRRRRR) but didn' t feed which I was happy with. But he woke up at 6.45 and was starving. He usually wakes at 8am so it was an early start for me! I'm going to bed early tonight as I'm shattered.

I did aqua-aerobics today (yay me) while Oscar entertained them in the creche with his excellent raspberry blowing antics. Then we came home and he slept for a full 2 hours at lunchtime which gave me time to eat MORE butternut squash chips and watch Raising Helen - a cute movie though it is about parents dying which will probably give me nightmares....what is it with parenthood? Suddenly adverts make me cry like a baby, especially if they are for the NSPCC . Movies that have anything bad happening to children or mothers....I'm so much more emotional these days.

Did not a lot this afternoon. Oscar had his first taste of chicken today and he loved it. Can't believe that in 3 days time he'll be 6 months old!! Half a year....where has it gone.

I'm still waiting to hear from the Basil Brush gang what days I'll be shooting. I'm quite looking forward to it! It's a fun show to work on. I'll post more about it when I am more awake.

Thanks for reading - promise I'll be scintillatingly entertaining when I've had more sleep....

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