Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Yawn....and not from a mad night out either

Had a lovely birthday - thank you for the lovely comments. Rob bought me a stunning crystal heart from Swarovski on a leather thong so Oz can tug on it all he likes. Got lots of cards, some money and vouchers so I'm off on a spending spree....

My friend Julie and her daughter Mya came round and we had lunch at Miso (a noodle bar) in Bromley - lovely lovely.

Then Rob took me to Strada for dinner - he'd booked it himself and it was lovely - garlic bread, prawns, fiorentina pizza. We were going to have dessert there but they'd run out of vanilla ice cream and crepes so we stopped at Sainsbury on the way home, bought a proper birthday cake and had that when we got home.

All lovely then.

Liz had babysat - not a peep out of Oscar......until she left - ten minutes later he woke up but went back to sleep no problem.

1am - he woke up. And he stayed awake. He'd settle and then just as you got back into bed, he'd start up again. We changed his nappy. Gave him a drink. Cuddled him. Rocked him. Ignored him. Gave him Calpol. He went back to sleep at 3.15.

He woke up again at 6.15.

So I'm KNACKERED today......I managed to get about half an hour's sleep when he went back to sleep this morning. But I'm a zombie. I remember many years ago, the day after a birthday was always a sleepy day....but at least it was self-inflicted....

I can't WAIT till Kirsti gets here - she'll be an angel and take over and let me sleep.......look out K - you're going to be spending a LOT of time with your nephew!


Nic said...


Sounds like you had a good birthday until you got home. Little monster, maybe Oscar wanted to carry on the birthday party.

Bet you're counting down the days until your sis comes. Here's hoping an older sister is more use than a younger one. Mine came to play last summer and slept as much as Jack during the day!!


Ty said...

I agree, the little guy just felt left out. Have you checked out his feelings for italian? Next time, maybe you can bring home a doggy bag with some tiramisu.

Ty said...

Off topic, if I may-

I just wanted to let you know I've becoming tired of the Housemates in general. I've been thrown over the edge by the nomination of Derek and Eugene my second favorite and favorite housemates respectively (I think).

Does anyone over there actually want Kinga to win? Because I do. I really want the chick who came in at the last week to win the whole entire thing. Either her or Eugene (most of my feelings have to do with Craig's disdain for both of them due to coming in partways, though I really like the notion of the genuinely nice guy winning.)
I now return you to your regularly scheduled comments...

ty said...

Oops, I figure you could guess, but I should have mentioned that I was talking about Big Brother

Sally said...

ty! Do you know what Kinga did the other night with a wine bottle????

The girl has ruined her reputation for life so for that she should win.

I can't imagine the house without Dereck - hope he stays

Sal x

Nic said...

Lol. It would be soooo funny if Kinga won. I watched it the other night Sally with the wine bottle. My other half didn't beleive me when I told him what she'd been up to.
I like Derek too. I think he should win because I don't get why everyone has all of a sudden decided that he's nasty. I blame Orleith. booo-hssss

Ty said...

Look at this! (the website is linked in my name) Those horrible, horrible people. If I were a Briton, I'd spend my entire paycheck voting for Kinga night and day.

Also, I agree. Boooo-hisssss to Orlaith.

Jodipodi said...

hey Sal! Long time to erm.. comment! Glad you had a great birthday. :)

I SO want Derek to stay in, he is my absolute favourite. If he goes tonight, I will be gutted. As much as Eugene is a nice guy and all, I dont want him to stay over Derek.

I agree with Ty, Kinga should win though, how much would that piss Craig off?! I HATE HIM. Im sorry I dont hate people normally, but he makes me want to poke myself in the eyes with burning hot spikes.

-ahem- im off now!

Nic said...

LMAO Jodi!! I hated Craig when he walked in the decided that he was ok but now he is driving me mad especially with Anthony. And Makowsi, don't like her either. I thought she was amusing but now she is making me mad. Go Kinga and Derek!!

Ty said...

I'm sorry guys that Derek is out, so now if you can just find it in your hearts to switch your affections to Kinga or Eugene, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I've decided that BB is definitely not good for my soul because I haven't experienced this much hate for anyone ever in my life. The hate for Craig is so intense that NO one can win save for Eugene or Kinga (since they came in partways through).