Sunday, August 14, 2005

Oscar's birthday party - part 2

One of his many presents plus a hat knitted by Kirsti! Posted by Picasa

So the party...I invited LOTS of people and most of them turned up! About 25 people - and about 10 babies I a couple of older kids. And it RAINED!!! GRRRRR....luckily we had cleared the extension and dining room but it was a tight squeeze for everyone and quite hot and stuffy.

Again, thanks to my amazing sister Kirsti, the food was fantastic - she did all the prep and kept the hot food coming. We had beer and sangria for the grown ups and juice for the little uns. Hot dogs, pizza and garlic bread for everyone (oscar's favourite foods at the moment)plus hummous, taramosolata (sp?), olives and chips and stuff. I had to dash off at one point to pick up a guest who'd got lost on the way...

Oscar was a trooper - smiling and happy. He had his own cake which he demolished. He got so many amazing presents - I'm blown away by the generosity of our friends - some of whom had travelled from Guildford to be there (by the way, Jemma - if you're reading this - sorry I didn't cater very well for Stu and Jaya's wheat intolerance - I only realised today and felt very guilty).

The last guest left at 6.30 when Oz got ready for bed. He slept like a log despite a sugar overdose. The only blot on the day was his appalling nappy rash - he's red raw down there due to teething - his 4 top front teeth are all coming through at once poor mite.

It was an amazing day - his first ever party. I meant to video it and forgot which is annoying but my friends took some great snaps so I have a wonderful record of the day. And I'll always remember it.


GaiaGal said...


Sounds like Oscar's Birthday bash was a huge success!! The photos are fantastic!

I am in awe of Kirsti's handywork on the Jumper and Oscar's hat!! Very lovely!

Hope your visit is going well. :)


Jodipodi said...

I would pay money for one of those hats and sweaters! Absolutely adorable! PLEASE I will pay you and -everything-! ;)

I felt bad as we forgot to video Luca's party, and i was ever so upset, but we also got some lovely photos, and I must get them printed out, instead of sat hereon my pc.

lots of love Jodi x

Nic said...

It sounds like Oscar had a great day. I love the fact that he has his hat on in all the pics. They are soo funny. Jack has taken to wearing his hat when he goes to bed!