Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Oscar

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Yes - he's one year old. I can't bloody believe it - it's gone so quickly...seems like yesterday I was pregnant. But today has been brilliant.

We spent the morning at Gambado and then the afternoon with my mum. Oz has been in a brilliant mood all day - smiling and laughing at everything.

Such a milestone - I feel like I should write something profound....but I can't think of anything - my day has been full of my little boy's laughs and hugs (he's very huggy at the moment).

I'm so happy. He's so happy. Rob is so happy. We're a happy little family.

Happy birthday to Oscar.


Kirsti said...

Aww!! Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday Dear Oscaaarrr... Happy Birthday Toooo yoooooooouuu!

I would ring and sing to him in person but of course it's past his bedtime now.

Congrats to all of you on this first year. You and Rob are doing a wonderful job as parents. And Oscar's sunny, happy, smiley face is all the proof you need.

Love you

Dixie said...

Happy birthday, darling Oscar. May each year bring you more and more happiness!

beege said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Ozzie!!!!

Sal--Linnea's first birthday was really an emotional one for me. I was sort of teary eyed, remembering her actual birthday and how far she'd come in just a year, etc.

It sounds like you weathered the day better than I did. :)

Now, put on your seatbelt because he's going to start changing SO fast! Linnea's almost 19months and is full-on little girl. No more baby. Just this morning I was informed, "NayNay no baby, Mama. NayNay BIG!"

Janice said...

happy birthday to your little cutie! :)

beege said...

Does he still have horrible nappie rash?

Linnea did that when she cut her first teeth--oozing, bleeding rash that made every diaper change an event to be endured. You know what worked?

Crisco. Solid vegetable shortening. It was the only thing tough enough to stay put and protect her little bottom from the pee and poo. My mom (a nurse) told me to do it, and now I try and pass along the tip to all my fellow mommies.