Sunday, August 21, 2005

OMIGOD. I just quit my job

In April I started some part time work from home for another department at the University - organising a massive conference for August 2006.

I originally thought I could do it with Oscar around (how wrong I was!) but as he's got older and bolder, I can't do it. So I've been working in nap times, evenings and weekends but I know I'm not doing a great job. And my boss has no concept of how hard it is and is giving me deadlines with 2 days notice and asking me to do stuff that I think is above and beyond my job description.

I had a nursery place - Oz was due to start tomorrow - but they insist on a minimum of 2 days a week and even with the amount of work I have to do, I can't earn enough to cover that - I could do one day a week but no where will take him for a single day.

I've been getting more and more upset and worried and couldn't see a way's wierd - since becoming a mother I'm getting really bad at doing what is right for ME as a person. It's like I keep thinking that not only Oscar's needs are more important but that everyone's are. I've been really bad at making decisions of any kind - I find myself agreeing to things I don't really want to do just to please others... I've always been indecisive but it's got worse this year....

So after a long and brilliant chat with Rob and my mother, I've decided the best thing for everyone - but most of all me - is to quit. Now if I can just earn £25 a week I can keep my cleaner.....I'm going to sell my soul on Ebay!


Kirsti said...

Congrats for making what must have been a really hard decision. But the important thing is you do what's right for you and for Oscar. And working - so you don't get to see the adorable boy - to only make enough money to keep him in nursery sounds like a bad deal all round to me.

If I can think of any brilliant ways for you to make money (that are legal and safe!) I'll let you know. In the meantime, get Rob to switch to roll-ups....

Jodipodi said...

Sally, well done on making such a huge decision, but I think ultimately the best one for you. Its weird, Im in the process of tryng to get part time work, and I think it will have to be evenings or weekends as I cant afford to have Louis in nursery the 2 afternoons a week as it is at the moment (but we scrape by!) so to have TWO sons in nursery whilst I work will be stupid as I would have to be earning some ridiculous Manager style salary JUSt to keep them in nursery and I wouldnt be making any money whatsoever!! I need to work for myself!

I think from what I have read that you have def done the right thing. Hope some brilliant idea is just around the corner for you! :)

p.d. have also been eBaying like mad!

Love Jodi xxx
(new blog on its way soo btw)

Dixie said...

I reckon it wasn't the easiest decision but it sounds like the wisest. I hope the money thing works itself out.