Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I can't believe the devastation this natural disaster has wrought on the Gulf Coast. I have a lot of friends from Louisiana including one from New Orleans who has just given birth to a baby daughter (on the 23rd August) but has now been evacuated. She and her elder child are with her parents in Natchitoches but she wasn't really supposed to be travelling so soon after the birth. She's separated from her husband who is in Jackson with his work.

I was watching the news this evening and the pictures are horribly reminiscent of the Tsunami. I can't believe 80% of New Orleans is underwater. I can't imagine what the people are going through.

Please - if you can spare any money, go to or and send something to help these people. They have no water, no food and it's 91 degrees.

Send what you can. Pray if that's your faith. Send love and white light.

My thoughts are with all the people affected.

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