Sunday, August 14, 2005

Recap...BB Final Friday - I was sick all day but my lovely sister looked after me so by the afternoon, thanks to immodium and ibuprofen, I was good to go - drove to Elstree and met Marcus, Julie and their daughter Rea outside the studios - got to drive in past the paparazzi (who weren't at all interested in my beat up white volvo)

Got my pass and we walked up to the Studio where BB is filmed. Saw Dermot filming BBLB and stood behind him as he interviewed the friends and family - and stood next to Derek who is surprisingly short....and very posh.

Then we had a drink at the bar before joining the crowd for the first part. Davina was up on stage doing a better job than the warm up man - chatting away -she's brilliant on and off camera. It's a lot smaller than it looks on TV - not that many people. We were right opposite the door to the house at the edges of the crowd.

Then the show started. Kinga out first - bless her - she got some boos but you have to credit her because she's unashamedly herself. She's also tiny. The ex-housemates came out then and paraded about -they love the attention. We were also next to where they were sat on a raised gantry - the crowd were pushing their banners up for them to autograph and they were so happy about it - especially Mary. The security and the warm up guy asked them to stop signing as it was distracting from the main event but they kept going. Science came to the edge and was loving the attention - a couple of girls passed him notes and stuff....then he was made to sit down. I saw a lot of Saskia's arse - she had a very short skirt on and I was underneath - not pleasant....Sam also flashed a lot of flesh - she's very pretty in the flesh but quite sneaky looking all the same.

Then Mekosi came out after a short break (we went to the bar again!). She got savaged. We were stood right next to a gang of very camp Kemal wannabes who were screaming "burn the witch"....very bizarre......we couldn't hear her being interviewed. I felt very sorry for her actually.

Then Eugene - then Anthony - much as it was on the telly! The fireworks were amazing. The atmosphere was great. I can understand why Marcus doesn't go each year because apart from seeing them with your own eyes, you get a better and more comfortable view from your sofa. But it was amazing. I saw quite a few celebs - Sarah Cawood, Duncan from Blue....and of course the housemates.

Marcus and Julie stayed on to the after-party but I went home as I had my own party the next day....


GaiaGal said...

Is this the original reality show Big Brother that the States stole from your TV ideas?

Deb and i are currently caught up in our latest version, it airs on Sat, Tus & Thurs nights.

They've changed it a bit since our first season and i almost rather like some of the things they did first season where the houseguests had tasks that they had to get done in a specific amount of they have food, luxury & HOH competitions in lieu of that it seems.

And i wish sometimes that they'd give them more to do...for instance there was one season where they had some chickens to tend and i seem to recall a garden was planted and tended to as well...or maybe i had a dream about that? Hmmm.

Anyway, it sounds like it was fun other than that gal's hiney in your face!!


Ty said...

I promise I will answer my questions soon!
I just wanted to come in and say how sad I am that Anthony won. My sadness is mitigated a bit by the fact that Eugene took half the winnings. (Whoot!)
On that note, I still want to poke Craig in the face because he's so unashamedly displacing (that's the psych term, right?) all of his feelings onto Eugene. As IF Eugene were in love with Anthony. That part of the job would make it difficult for me to be Dermot.
Anywho, I suppose the outcome was about as good as it could be. Cheers, Sally! What a cute kid you have. Congrats by proxy on his first year.