Sunday, July 31, 2005

LONG time no speak! life has been bonkers recently. The building work is now done apart from a few snagging things that they're coming back to fix....

My computer was possessed by a nasty virus which I managed to delete, but which also wiped out my display properties - not a huge deal but an annoying one - so I spent several evenings (when I could have been blogging) trying to fix it - everything from reinstalling windows to recovery points to downloaded security patches which crashed my machine. Still no joy - so if anyone out there has a degree in Windows, please let me know!!!

Also I've been working a lot in the evenings - the part time job for the University wasn't so part time in July - just logged my hours - 50! It was supposed to be a few hours a week!

So that's my excuses....I've also been out and about as usual with the boy. All our classes have broken up for the summer so I've been desperately trying to find things to do! Plus it's birthday season - most of Oscar's friends were born in August so we've been to lots of parties and have lots more to come - at least one every weekend until September.

And of course it's MY birthday tomorrow.....not sure what I'm doing yet but I've got a babysitter so Rob is hopefully taking me somewhere marvellous. He went shopping with Oz today - his first time out of the house with him totally on his own. (though I drove them to Bromley and picked them up so he only had him for a total of an hour and a half but still....) So I was in the house ALONE for the first time in....God...I don't know when.....

Course when my lovely sis arrives on the 9th, I'm going to send her out with him as much as possible and get some ME time!

As of September Oscar will be in Nursery 2 days a week - so I can do more work. But also have a little bit of time to myself. I really hadn't realised until today how different that is. Usually I have a bit of time in the day if I'm home, when Oscar sleeps, but I'm usually doing the washing or clearing up after him or getting stuff together for the rest of the day. Today for the first time in ages I just mooched around the house! Surfed the net a bit. Read a book in total silence.

It is strange. Those of you who know me well know I used to HATE being on my own. Couldn't bear it - when Rob used to work weekends, I'd go nuts and have to be out with friends. Now I think I might just get why most "normal" people actually relish their own company. Maybe I am a grown up now.....! NAAAAAAA

Well I'm ....gulp....34 tomorrow. Eek! I remember this time last year, seriously pregnant, with Gestational Diabetes. But Rob made me a cake from Soreen with lots of nuts in it and covered in in Green and Black's chocolate so it didn't blow my blood sugar. Bless him.

Oscar better have got me a present or I'll sulk!

I promise to be better at sing Happy Birthday to me as you read this....!


beege said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Sweet Sa-al!
Happy Birthday to you!

Love you!

Nic said...

Happy birthday Sally! Hope you have a great day and get spoilt rotten by Rob and Oscar. Oscar should get you a big bar of chocolate and a sugary, sickly brithday cake to make up for having to starve yourself of sugar last year ;o)

Dixie said...

Happy birthday, Sal! I hope your birthday was something spectacular!

Kirsti said...

And a typed text "Happy Birthday" to the best sister anyone could wish for, to add to the harmonious greeting that Terry and I left on your answerphone.

Hope that you're having a wonderful day. And console yourself with the thought that I'll always be older than you!