Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm fine

Just to let you all know in the light of the horrendous attacks on London this morning - that I'm fine, my family is all ok. I do work in Russell Square - the bus blew up just next to Senate House where my office is - but I wasn't in work today - I was due in tomorrow but god knows what is going on....

I'm really freaked out by this - as all Londoners are. Can't quite get my head around it. Yesterday we were a city full of joy - today we're a city full of smoke and fear and death.


BarefootCajun said...

Sal -

I'm a friend of Dix's and read your blog often. Just wanted you to know that I'm so very glad that you are all safe. As I watched the news unfold this morning I thought of you and others there in London and prayed for your safety.

I hope they catch the guilty bastards very soon.


Kristina said...

What horrible news to wake up to. Glad to hear you're ok.

Marybeth said...


I'm glad you're okay. I can only imagine how filled with fear yall are right now. Please know my heart is with yall and so are my prayers.

Much love,


Katya said...

Sal -- so glad to hear that you are okay.

Shel said...

Good god - as soon as I read I logged onto the Hammock to make sure that you and the other British YaYas were okay. Now I just have one friend not accounted for, and I'm hoping she's at client site in Manchester and removed from London today.
Much love to you Sal - my heart is with all of you.

Dixie said...

Sal, I thought of you right away when I heard of the attacks this morning. I prayed that you and those you know and love would be spared. Thank goodness you're alright!

My prayers are with the victims and their loved ones and all Londoners.

beege said...

You and Oz and Rob were the first people to come to my mind when I heard this morning.

SO relieved that you and yours are safe. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Sal, you sprang to mind as soon as I heard the news. Thank goodness Dixie let us know you were ok. My heart goes out to all those directly effected and to Londoners in general. What a horrific nightmare.