Monday, July 18, 2005

Colour change

Don't know why...just fancied a change of colour. Hope you like it. I wish I was clever enough to design my own template - I want a purple site....

Oscar still has an egg on his head but it's gone down a lot. He woke up a couple of times in the night but seems unaffected generally. He's been quite grumpy today but I think that's cos he didn't sleep well. Or nap well.

We spent the afternoon at a new soft play thingie but I've forgotten it's name - it was brilliant anyway - meant Oz could explore all he liked without adding to his bruise collection.

He was quite demanding today though so I'm off for an early night this evening. I want to watch America's Next Top Model though first cos supposedly Tyra (ego the size of a planet) loses it and yells.

The decorators made a start today - and with sanding down the walls, my kitchen is COVERED in dust - don't know if it's worth cleaning it as it'll be the same tomorrow. The extension is now pure white and looks lovely - it'll be blue tomorrow hopefully. And done by the end of the week if I'm lucky....I will take pics - I just can't find the camera again after last night....

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Nic said...

I want to do clever things with my blog too! I struggled trying go get my list of blogs on so I think changing things is a bit beyond me.
Yay to painting! Grr don't start me on dust. We are currently tiling that bathroom and dust is everywhere (and I have NO bath!!). Can't wait to see your pics of your newly decorated house.