Friday, July 22, 2005

Another narrow escape

I should have been in town on Thursday - with Oscar -we were going up to work to meet some friends for lunch......"luckily" I have a chest infection - really nasty and wheezy - so I didn't go. And I'm glad I didn't - purely because it would have been a nightmare getting home.

Part of me wants to scream "leave us alone!". Part of me thinks that the people of Iraq probably screamed the same and did we listen?

Terrorism is never the answer. I've lived in countries where violence is commonplace. Belfast, Johannesburg. Where discrimination and religious hatred makes people hate each other and kill each other. And as long as I live I'll never understand it.

I'm really glad Oscar is too little to understand what's happening in his city. I don't know how I'm ever going to explain prejudice, violence and terrorism to him. And I know one day I will have to.

I hope his world is more peaceful when he's older. But I think that's naive and I don't think it will be.....


Dixie said...

I don't know how people who live in places where terrorism is a near daily occurance stand it. How do they manage to have any sort of of a normal life?

I hope you never again have to be thankful for sickness keeping you from being a potential victim of terror. It breaks my heart to think of you or people you care about possibly being hurt.

beege said...

I think they become used to it. A human being can become used to some pretty awful doesn't take too much time before it's the way life is. It's normal for men to blow themselves up amongst a group of children seeking candy from soldiers. It's absolutely horrifying, but it's an adaptive measure that keeps humans from slowly going insane from the world around them.

Of seems like the world is going insane around us. Who knows where we'll end up?

Nic said...

Hey Sally,
Lucky you and Oscar. I admire you though, I think if I were living in London I'd be so scared of going out on the tube. Michael was trying to make it sound better by saying the odds of something happening to 'you' compared to the millions of other people are so small but does that make it better? I really dispair at the way that this country is going.
Hugs to you all and I hope that your chest infection is getting better.