Friday, July 01, 2005

More updates

Right - well - the building work - the builders had a week off this week but by the end of last week, the new roof was on - beams on the inside - new velux windows - and now they had to wait for the electrician to come back off holiday. He's back this week so he'll put the electrics in, they'll insulate it and plasterboard it and redecorate. They've dug out the pond and will put the lawn in. It's amazing - lovely space - they knocked a bigger arch between the dining room and the extension - it's really opened it up - given me lots of ideas about moving furniture. I think I'm going to put the dining table in the extension and make the dining room into a study so when one of us is on the puter and one is watching TV, at least we're only a room apart instead of a floor apart.

It was tough last week - having to be out all day every day. But I had great friends who kept me entertained. And I'll be calling on them next week too.

We've been out a lot this week too. Got a first birthday party tomorrow - the first one we've been to - and we're going to see War of the Worlds on Sunday - Rob is ecstatic.

I'm very tired - Oscar takes a lot more out of me these days -chasing round after him, trying to keep him entertained. But he's quite lovely - loves to blow raspberries and chuckle. His latest thing is bobbing up and down in his highchair and he squeals with laughter if you do it to - like some kind of Gangsta Rapper bobbing to the bass beat.....

The weather has been kinder - not so hot - thank goodness.

I went to Bluewater today and had very rich pasta for lunch - and a Krispy Kreme - and I've just had to take some Gaviscon - think I'm going to skip dinner - I'd have an early night but I HAVE to watch Big Bro tonight and see uber bitch Saskia get the boot (God I hope she goes)

I promise (Kirsti) I will take some more pictures soon - I can't find the camera in the chaos...

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