Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A week's worth of info...

Sorry I haven't posted! It's been quite a week. On Friday last week, Oscar stopped eating. Not interested in food at all and then he threw up on Friday night. All weekend he wouldn't eat and when he did, threw it up. His cough got a lot worse too.

I took him to the Doctor on Monday and he has a chest infection plus a stomach virus. So no milk until his tummy settles down and antibiotics for his chest - 2 different kinds - plus Calpol.

It's been really worrying. He's been quite happy in himself, just not eating hardly anything. On Monday night he ate some jarred baby food and seemed quite happy. I went out to a friend's house to watch a movie - got back around 11.30pm and went in to check on him. The smell hit me first - vomit - he was covered in it! He'd thrown up everything and rolled about in it in his sleep. We had to wake him up, strip his bed and change it, shower him and calm him down. He was screaming - it was awful - he was totally freaked out. I couldn't let him stay asleep covered in vomit though.....

Yesterday my genius Mum suggested egg in a cup which is what we used to have when we were ill as kids - you mush up a soft boiled egg in a cup with butter. He ate it all and was very happy - and kept it down. Hoorah!

This morning he woke up starving hungry and ate a slice of bread and some weetabix so I think he's on the mend.

It's been stressful and tiring. So apologies for the lack of info.

On the up side the lovely Dixie sent us an item I won on Ebay - a little tray to put on Oscar's car seat so he can play with his toys - he loves it Dix - I'll have to get a picture and post it.

We sent you a goodie parcel yesterday so I hope you get it soon

Ok. My Dad is home at the moment from Tbilisi so we're off out today for dim sum at our favourite restaurant - Royal China.

I've got loads more to tell you all but have to go and get my shit together so will write more later.

Hugs to everyone


Nic said...

Aww Sally poor you and Oscar. I'm glad he's getting better, its no fun when they are ill :( How is the building work coming on? I thought maybe you'd moved out because it was all too much.

Dixie said...

Sounds like you have had a WEEK, honey! Thank goodness Oscar is on the mend.

Yay! The package got there! I'm glad to hear it because if it didn't get there I was going to have to go to the post office and jack someone's ass up.