Wednesday, June 22, 2005


First off, the phone is back on and so is the TV so that's a relief! And the roof is slowly taking shape -the builders are really good but it's still hell living in a building site.....there's dust everywhere even though they're being really careful. And all our conservatory furniture, our fridge and freezer are in the dining room - the only useable space is the front living room which feels very crowded with a highchair and nappy changing station in it!. Oz and I go out all day every day which isn't easy

Monday we went to a place called Adventure Kingdom - a soft play place for kids. It was good for Oz but lonely for me.

Yesterday we hung out at the Park - had a picnic - then went to Monkey Music - though we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home for an hour - Oz totally lost it - the car was very hot. It's been really really hot this week in London - temperatures around 28 degrees and I hate it.

It was humid and sticky up until yesterday so I should be thankful that it's less oppressive. But I do worry about the boy being out in the sun all day.

Today luckily I have company - going to see a friend in Biggin Hill for a mini birthday party for her daughter who is 1 on Saturday- I can't go to her official party as I have to work so we're having a mini one today!

Tomorrow it's back to Adventure Kingdom - and the same on Friday I think - the best place for him at the moment -he can play with the ball pit, crawl about and stand up - all on soft mats. And I can grab a coffee.

It's tiring though. He's so much more active - I knew this would happen. My back aches from bending down to pick him up again all the time or chasing after him.

But he's so happy that he can's such fun for him! Hoorah for places like Adventure Kingdom!


kara said...

every time i see you post the temperature, i long for it to be only 28 degrees here, since it's s'posed to be 92 today. i know that you're in celsius and i'm in fahrenheit, but i can't do the conversion in my head and i automatically read it as our temps. :) heh.

i can't believe how big mr. oz is getting, either. (still love the pics of him looking out over london.)

Nic said...

Yay for adventure play places. I bet there would be some insane mums without those places. I hope the builders are getting on quickly!!