Monday, June 20, 2005

His first father's day

In honour of his first Father's Day - here is my husband and his son Posted by Hello

Rob is an amazing father. Truly. I always knew he would be but he still amazes me. He puts Oscar to bed every night (except for the last few Saturdays because Dr Who has been on!). He bathes him, reads to him, gives him his bottle and sings him lullabies.

He has fun in the daytime too. Takes him into the garden to look at bugs. Turns himself into a human seesaw. Pulls silly faces and makes his son giggle for hours.

Creeps into his room at night to gaze in wonder at his beautiful boy.

My husband is amazing. He's the best father he could be. And father's day this year was kind of sucky - 33 degrees (we hate the heat) and a day preparing the house for builders.

So I wanted to write this to tell him how amazing he is - and how much his son loves him and in Father's Days to come, Oscar will tell Rob himself. Until then - I will do it. Rob. You're amazing.

Thank you for being the best Daddy in the world.

Love from your wife and your little baby boy.


jess said...

I just have to smile when I see that picture.

beege said...

Aw! Look at your two sweet men!

It makes me so happy to see Rob so happy with Oz--'cuz I know he wasn't sure he was ready for fatherhood. But look at you, Rob! You're absolutely smashing!