Sunday, June 19, 2005

Feeling like the universe is conspiring against me....

Our Sky TV stopped working last week - certain channels won't work at all and the ones that do are very wobbly. An engineer came today and couldn't fix it. So we have no TV.

Our phone line is dead. The internet connection is working sporadically - very wierd.....but the phone is dead. Won't be fixed till Thursday. So we have no phone.

There has been a heatwave here - unbearably hot. Energy sapping heat - you move for more than a minute and you break out in a sweat. The car was so hot, Oscar's car seat nearly burned him. So we have no energy!

The builders arrive tomorrow morning to replace the roof on our extension and dig up our garden. We have to clear out the whole of the back of the house and move the fridge and freezer into the dining room. So we have no space.

We had so much to do this weekend and we haven't done hardly any yet as it's too hot to move.

Oscar has been very grumpy cos he's been in all weekend and he's also hot. There's a fan in his room but it's still 26 degrees in there.....

I'm sorry if I'm winging. I think I'm pre-menstrual - or just too bloody hot!

The next couple of weeks is going to be really hard - living in a building site. No access to the garden or half of my kitchen.

Send me happy thoughts!


Nic said...

Sally, I feel sooo sorry for you. This heat is only any good if you are lazing around the place doing nothing. Its a nightmare and then the babes don't sleep :o( Just keep thinking how amazing your house will look when its all finished and thank god that you're not heavily pregnant in the heat too, like we were last summer.

Dixie said...

It's stinking hot here too and only getting hotter. I feel for you, sweetie!!!