Friday, June 10, 2005

Sunnier weather and sunnier baby

He got better. Don't know what was up with him that day but it passed quickly. We've had a good week - manic but good - been down to Canterbury on Wednesday to see my lovely friend Julie - and Ty, if you're reading this, she's married to Marcus "voice of Big Brother" Bentley. She's got us tickets to go to the final night which is cool - Marcus has been promising them for years but has finally come through this year!

I love Canterbury - had never been there before - and Oscar was an angel on the drive there - it only took just over an hour so we'll be going back. Saw Julie and her 3 kids who I hadn't seen for 2 years. And I got sunburnt! I remembered to suncream the boy, but forgot myself.

It was really hot on Thursday so we had a quiet morning in the paddling pool - my Mum came round to play - and then singing and signing in the afternoon. Today we had to go up to London so I could have a medical for my life insurance (totally pointless - just to check I don't smoke I had to do a saliva test which was pretty much it). Navigating central London with a pram isn't easy - walking down Oxford Street is manic anyway but people just don't look where they are going and don't expect to see a buggy so trip up on us all the time.

This afternoon we had a surprise tea party for my friend Miranda - I met her through the NCT antenatal classes - we were pregnant together and her daughter Lucy is about 3 weeks younger than Oz. She's moving to Tunbridge so we surprised her with cucumber sandwiches, scones and....I was supposed to bring strawberries but since I was up in town, I bought a dozen Krispy Kremes instead! YUMMMMM.....Sod the diet for the day.

So that's my week! DH is out tonight at the Catford Beer Festival - god help me when he gets home. Oz just fell asleep beautifully. I'm off to watch Big Brother in a bit after I've foraged my dinner.....

Hope you're all having fun wherever you are.....

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