Sunday, June 05, 2005

I didn't have a cream tea....

but did eat lots of other yumminess - the caterer on the film was amazing.

But to start at the beginning. It was a nightmare getting there. I'd arranged for my Mum to look after Oscar for me again on Thursday night (she'd done it on Thursday morning) so I could get the early train down - arrived at Waterloo as I'd been told only to find the train didn't exist. There were no trains to Newton Abbot. Rang the producer who told me to go to Paddington and get a different train. Bombed across London with a heavy bag to find that that train didn't exist either. Finally got on a train - a First Great Western - but my ticket was a South West Trains one - I'd checked with the producer who said I would be able to use it - checked with the information desk at Paddington who confirmed this.....

Got a very grumpy conductor on the train who wouldn't accept it. Wouldn't speak to my producer on the phone. Wouldn't budge until I paid £109.50 for my ticket.

I got to Devon at 11.30pm....YAWN!!! Everyone was very apologetic!

Filming started at 9 on Friday - I didn't do anything all day except for one shot - so I helped the caterer out a lot - I made the sandwiches with him and helped him bake the BEST EVER brownies. People thought I was his assistant - didn't realise I was an actor!

We filmed the rest of my stuff yesterday - on the edge of a cliff - it was an amazing view but a bugger to get to - had to wade through muddy streams and nettles to get to where the camera was .

The crew were more inexperienced than I had thought but I hope it looks good - I haven't done a film for no money for ages like this. Victoria Hamilton was a sweetheart - really really lovely and so tiny! And Khalide who played the other character was a lovely man - so a good weekend. But knackering.

I missed Oscar so much! I couldn't believe it. I've been lavishing attention on him all morning (apart from the last few minutes typing this) and am very happy to be home.

I had my haircut again - it's much shorter - I'll take a pic.

Hope you're all having fun - now I'm off to the BB website to catch up!


Kirsti said...

Eeps. What a mare of a journey. They'll reimburse you for it all, right? Glad that it all worked out, and even more glad that you're home safely.

Now find that camera so we can see your new hair, and that adorable boy! (gee, I'm getting bossy in my old age)

for_the_lonely said...

Hello Sally,
I came across your blog via Kirsti's blog. That is so neat that you are in movies! Your son is a doll, too. I am looking forward to reading upcoming posts from you. Take care, and have a great week!


(from South Dakota, USA) :)

Dixie said...

Thank goodness you left for your trip when you took you forever to get there.

I know the brownies must have made up for a lot!