Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Am I evil for taking pictures of him crying? Posted by Hello


Dixie said...

Oh look at that unhappy boy face! Makes me want to just pick him up and console him!

Of course I'm under the crazy impression that me merely picking him up and cooing a little would console him. That'll prove to you that I'm not a mother!

Kirsti said...

Aw, poor baby boy. He's probably just stressed out. Or something. See, I know even less about motherhood than dixie :)

Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day on you both.

beege said...

I've been thinking of this (Linnea had a meltdown day the other day, too) and I think that babies (just like grown-ups) have days that are craptacular for no particular reason. They woke up wrong. Their clothes are bunchy. Something is just not right.

But they lack the ability to 1)figure out why their day is crappy 2) articulate to people that their day is crappy and 3) do anything to alieviate the craptastic nature of their day. So they spend all day crying.

I mean: I know I've had days when all I've wanted to do was cry. I've just been conditioned by society to put on a happy face, suck it up, and get on with my work.

zoe xx said...

I know it sounds craperooney, but this stuff is all because he can't tell you what's wrong. Soon he will be able to, and you won't have this stuff to deal with any more. Of course, there'll be other stuff to deal with, but at least he'll be able to tell you what's wrong.

Not sure how helpful that is...

Hope he feels better - the weather's not great for little'uns at the moment either.