Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oscar's new favourite food

You'll never guess....

We spent the day at Great Lakes Crossing - my favourite place to shop in Detroit. We met a friend of Kirsti's who I've met before and had a great time playing around and I spent AGES in Torrid

We had lunch in the Rainforest Cafe - I've always wanted to go there but it's exorbitantly expensive in London. It isn't cheap here but relatively it's possible for us to eat. I ordered Oz the kiddie Mac n Cheese meal - yum yum you'd think. But no. He wasn't interested. He was stealing the food from my plate and I'd ordered.....Calamari. Yes the boy is nuts for squid rings. He was stuffing his face with them. Couldn't get enough.

There's me thinking....aren't you supposed to avoid shellfish until 2 years? But then I remembered a very good article I read about baby food myths. I suppose the main reason is allergies and I watched him very closely in case he reacted. But he seemed absolutely fine. He stuffed himself. And has just eaten the leftovers for dinner.

He's his mother's son. I'm a seafood freak (plus a SEE food freak - I see it, I eat it). I ate a lot of fish and seafood when pregnant and also when breastfeeding so I'm sure he'll be fine. I've got a really good baby monitor here so I can hear him breathing at night - so if he has a late onset reaction I'll know. But I don't think he will.

My NCT group will probably be horrified that I've broken a rule of feeding! But I think the more tastes he tries now, the wider his palate will be. And he loved it. Every bite!

I've tried him on sushi maki rolls before - just the cucumber ones - and he loves cosmopolitan gourmet!

I bought some lovely clothes - 3 tops the same in different colours and 3 pairs of trousers for $50 total. Hoorah for America. And got a couple of sexy bras in Torrid - one is leopard print!

Right - Oz is watching Baby Einstein so I'm going to join him


Poppy said...

Clara Jane doesn't like mac & cheese, either. Not even my homemade stuff. But she loves any seafood. She hasn't had calamari yet, but I have a feeling she'd love it.

See you TOMORROW!!! :)

Barbara said...

Glad to hear your having a brilliant time, its all sounds amazing.

Jemma said...

Jaya LOVES calamari too! I think she gets it from me, when I was the same age that she and Oz are now my oarents went on holiday to Spain with me and stuffed my face with ink squid and ended up black from all the ink! I hope he was okay, I'm sure he will be! Glad you're having such a fab time!

ooooh p.s. the verification word I had to do just now was Ozladlm! Sounds like a good nickname for Oscar!

Jodipodi said...

sounds like you are having an amazing time! and how good is Oscar with his food!? Thats great! I am hopeless I can't eat things like that, but Im trying not to let my boys be the same, I like them to try different things if I can!

Am sooo jealous you are out in America, would love to go again!

Big hugs to you all

Jodi x