Monday, October 10, 2005

Having a fantastic time

I do so love it here! We're having a great time - yesterday we spent the day here at Blakes Farm in a traditional October Michigan Sunday out - drinking cider (which isn't alcoholic here in America), eating donuts and corn on the cob - walking round a pumpkin patch and hay, riding on a tractor. Oz had a blast!

We had chinese takeout for tea from those cartons like you see in American movies! I had Mu Shu Pork as I've seen Will and Grace have it and had no idea what it was - it's weird - pork and vegetables, rice and hoi sin sauce and pancakes. Like pork crossed with peking duck. Very strange. And I also had Crab Rangoon dumpling thingies which are TO DIE FOR

This morning as a treat from Kirsti and Terry I had my hair done - highlights and cut - I look like a pixie - it's brilliant. I love it - I'll post a pic once Oscar has woken up from his nap as I left the camera in his room! This afternoon we're off to Detroit Zoo.

I love being on holiday. I miss Rob like crazy though....

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jess said...

Oh, but you CAN get it alcoholic. Yum.