Sunday, October 23, 2005

Oh by the way

Forgot to mention - the film I made - Everything to Dance For - the one where I'm the mum of a 16 year old - was on the front page of the Sunday Mirror today - read it here. It's a horrible story suggesting that Sasha, who played my daughter, has dumped her boyfriend for Brendan Cole. It's totally untrue - I know this for a fact - the two of them are great mates but there's nothing else to it.

I know they say all publicity is good publicity but still - it's horrible. And wierd - to see my friends on the front page of a paper! We've got a screening of the film this week and I hope it doesn't get ruined by this. So if any of you saw it - know that it's all lies but that it's a great film as you can see from the stills in the paper.

ooo - showbiz gossip straight from the horses mouth - and I get to be the horse....

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Nic said...

Wow, thats gossip indeed ;o) I want to see that film. Brendan looks really arrogant on Strictly Come Dancing but he is a very good dancer and I am strangly attracted to him even if he is an arrogant arse. Tell me he's lovely Sally then I can justifiably lust after him on a saturday night ;o)
It must be really strange to see your friends on the front page of the paper.