Thursday, October 20, 2005

Home tomorrow

Our trip is coming to an end. I've done so much, had such fun and spent a ton of money! Oscar has been a total trouper - adapting to long drives, late nights and weird food. He tried his first olive last night and wasn't impressed! The day before he had seafood fest - fried shrimp with noodles and steamed veg for lunch, sushi for an afternoon snack (cucumber ones, not raw fish - I'm not that adventurous) and yesterday it was olives in salad.

He seems to share my tastes in food - I don't like olives either.

I bought him his halloween costume- it's kind of tacky - superman! I didn't get myself one as they aren't cheap and I'm running out of cash fast!

Visited Lane Bryant - another favourite store - and got 2 pairs of fab jeans and lots of sexy undies - all silky and lovely - as a present to Rob as much as myself!!! Also went to Borders and got some good books.

The only thing I haven't been able to find are some wide calf boots with a flat heel - I have such fat legs I can never get ones to fit - I've looked everywhere but I don't think they exist.

On Tuesday night Kirsti and I went to the most amazing cinema - a classic 1930's style americana movie house - with neon outside and the little booth outside the door to buy tickets. It's in an area of Detroit called Birmingham and irony of ironies, it's the poshest bit - Birmingham! It was like being home again - streets with pavements and shop fronts, no strip malls - although everything was very posh and swanky and CLEAN so not like the UK B'ham at all! We saw In Her Shoes - a great film - very sisterly - and I ate the best popcorn I think I've ever had in my life. Total fun.

Kirsti and Terry have been amazing hostesses - even down to not letting me pay for my own aspirin! We went to Terry's parent's house last night for a proper sit down family dinner with cake and ice cream in honour of Terry's brother's birthday. Oscar got to play with his three cousins - Spencer, Kallen and Tess who are 5, 2 and 11 months. We were trying to work out what kind of cousins they are - my sister's spouse's brother's kids...anyone any idea? I think cousin works anyway - Oz had great fun chasing them around and playing with cars....typical boy.

I'm excited about going home though - those are the best holidays aren't they, when you've had a brilliant time but you're also happy to be going home. I've missed Rob so much and I know he's missed us - I feel mean having taken his boy away from him for 2 weeks.

So next entry should be back in Blighty - if I manage to pack all the stuff I've accumulated and don't end up having to check Oz in as excess baggage! Hopefully the flight home will be fine - I've learnt that my son is a good traveller which is brilliant.


Poppy said...

Did someone say boots:

Dixie said...

Have a safe, uneventful trip home!

Toryssa said...

Have you tried Evans for boots? Or

Moxie said...

Hello darlin - just a quick one to say I had a Knish in your honour and it was lovely! Couldn't get a bloomies bag though as I ran out of cash :o(

Celeb spot news - saw Michael Caine walking down Madison Avenue but apart from that all we've seen is Nathan Fillion (sp?) the lead actor in Firefly and Super Nanny from that channel 4 show on her mobile in the paramount.

We were supposed to be at the waldorf today to celebrate but we've had to cancel which sucks - but at least we can eat for the rest of the trip now!

Catch up when we get back

lots of love