Saturday, October 29, 2005

Everything to Dance For

Last night I went to the first ever screening of the film Everything To Dance For at the Rex Cinema in Piccadilly. I got all dressed up - very sparkly - and met Rob at Charing Cross. Mum babysat (and Oscar was quite difficult, wouldn't eat or anything).

The film was wonderful - it was brilliant to see it up on the big screen. And Sasha, the lead, was amazing - she's only 17 (16 when we shot it) and she gives a very mature performance.

Pearl Howie wrote, directed, produced and shot the film. It's a testament to her amazing talent as a film-maker. She's also my best mate. I'm very very proud of both her and Sasha.

And even though I'm not at my most glam in this film, I am happy with what I did - got lots of lovely compliments last night which was fab.

Oscar isn't well today - got horrible ulcer like blisters on his tongue -as I said, he wouldn't eat last night and it's got worse as the day has gone on (I started this entry this morning full of film excitement and now I'm all tired and worried about my baby - from enjoying non-motherhood evening to being full-on MUMMY)

I rang NHS Direct and our out-of -hours doctor. They recommended what I was already doing - calpol and ibuprofen. The doctor said it could be a common virus where ulcers are inside the mouth called Herpatic something - I should have written it down so I could look it up but I wasn't in a sane state of mind.

I went out shopping tonight as I didn't get any done today and he was screaming when I got home - Rob tried to comfort him but he just wanted his mum. So I rocked him and laid him back down again and he seems to be sleeping now but I don't know for how long. He's in a lot of pain I think.

If he isn't any better tomorrow we'll get a doctor out - and I'll definitely take him to the docs on Monday. We were supposed to be at a Halloween party this afternoon/evening....his superman suit was all ready to go - ah well. I just want him to feel better and be able to eat - he's so hungry but eating really hurts his little mouth....

I'll keep you posted.


Nic said...

Aww Poorly boy. How is Oscar today? I hope he's feeling better. Jack has chicken pox at the mo so spot central here!
Take care

Moxie said...

Poor Oscar - Hope he feels better soon. Keep us posted!

Congrats on the film - when is it due for release so I can watch out for it?(If it ever gets this far up North, few films ever do!).